Great Western Railway


Opened: c1883

Closed: ——

Location code: W50/09

Moreton-in-Marsh signal boxThe name of this box conjures up thoughts of a tranquil location in an Agatha Christie novel, and it is indeed located in a delightful Cotswold town along the "Old Worse & Worse" (Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton) line.

This type of box started to replace the type seen at Sarnau from 1883 - notable differences are the horizontal boarding, porch and finials. The latter were perpetuated onto the next (1889) design which had a shallower roof - see Roskear Junction.

The original frame in the box was replaced in 1911 by a 40-lever one of the GW 3-bar Vertical Tappet type, which remains in use today.

In 1971, the line towards Evesham was singled - and the electric token instrument for this section can be seen through the non-standard window which must have been renewed at some time.

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