British Railways (Western Region)


Opened: 1953

Closed: 2002

Location code: W59/10

Wellington No.2 signal boxDid you know the former Great Western Railway owned a pair of Wellingtons?

There was a station in Somerset, and another in Shropshire. The latter was jointly owned with the London & North Western Railway. which in 1923 became the London Midland & Scottish. This station originally possessed four boxes, and the Western Region of British Railways renewed No.2 box with the cabin seen here.

This design, used from 1947 to 1954 is basically a lightweight version of the blast-proof wartime boxes, such as Lansdown Junction, and little effort seems to have been made to return to the aesthetic charm from before the war. Some smaller boxes were, however, built to a more conventional style - see Fosse Road.

The box contained a 71 lever Great Western 5-bar Vertical Tappet frame (similar to Newtown). Wellington No2 gained importance after the closure of the other boxes, controlling the entire station area. However, the box was closed during 2002 with demolition taking place during December.

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