Compiled by John Hinson


In was fortunate enough in the 1970s to take part in an project to choose the best examples of each architectural type in the UK although not all were accepted (it was thought we had chosen too many!) and a proportion had to be excluded. Since then, more than that number have been added by various authorities, seemingly on a random basis and frequently duplication some of those already chosen; however, some of these have been chosen for other reasons, perhaps as a well-known landmark. Nevertheless, it is a great shame that certain types seem to have no place for the future (other than by the efforts of individuals) such as the variations of early Great Eastern Railway types when an unreasonably large number of very similar London & North Western Railway boxes are listed - most of them on the same line! Little though seems to have been given to any signal box designs of the South Eastern or London, Chatham & Dover Railways, and representation of the standard designs of the Big Four companies and British Railways is weak. Some of the apparent duplication of types may be because the signal box classes as part of a "group" where an entire station has been given listed status.

Listing of buildings has complexities and I do not claim to know all of the restrictions that may apply, despite living in one. You can list a building and then subsequently move it, but you can rarely list a building that has already been moved. Buildings not within visual range of the public will not normally be listed (unless dating from before 1840). Contrary to some opinions, the listing of any building does include any fixed contents* and planning permission is required for alterations thereto. Therefore lever frames and other equipment, if present, should be retained if present at the time of listing. However, there is nothing to stop Network Rail applying for permission to remove equipment and I would doubt this permission would be denied if there was a good reason to do so. Furthermore, operational railway buildings are exempt from the usual requirements for planning permission and it is possible that this is the reason that at least one box has been altered out of all recognition and another has had its original frame recently removed.

* - except, apparently, in Wales where automatic inclusion of "fixtures and fittings" does not apply.

Signal Box SB Ref Remarks
WYE S37/05 South Eastern Railway - Saxby & Farmer (abolished)
HORSTED KEYNES S24/08 London, Brighton & South Coast Railway (in use with Bluebell Railway)
PLUMPTON S21/29 London, Brighton & South Coast Railway
BILLINGSHURST S26/17 London, Brighton & South Coast Railway - Saxby & Farmer
CRAWLEY S27/09 London, Brighton & South Coast Railway - Saxby & Farmer (abolished)
HOLMWOOD S26/07 London, Brighton & South Coast Railway - Saxby & Farmer (abolished)
ISFIELD S24/27 London, Brighton & South Coast Railway - Saxby & Farmer (abolished, operational on preserved railway)
UCKFIELD S24/26 London, Brighton & South Coast Railway - Saxby & Farmer (abolished, restored)
HAVANT JUNCTION EAST S62/27 London, Brighton & South Coast Railway - Saxby & Farmer (abolished)
BRADING S69/07 Isle of Wight Railway (abolished, restored)
INSTOW S53/26 London & South Western Railway (abolished, restored)
CREDITON S51/01 London & South Western Railway
TOPSHAM S52/22 London & South Western Railway (abolished, in other use)
BOLLO LANE JUNCTION S66/09 London & South Western Railway (abolished)
QUEENS ROAD EAST S48/09 London & South Western Railway (abolished)
CANTERBURY WEST S37/10 Southern Railway (on gantry, restored 2011)
BOURNEMOUTH CENTRAL S56/13 Southern Railway (abolished, good condition)
WOKING S49/01 Southern Railway (abolished)
HORSHAM S26/11 Southern Railway (abolished, in other use)
WESTON SUPER MARE W11/34 Bristol & Exeter Railway (abolished, derelict)
WILLITON W20/26 Bristol & Exeter Railway (abolished, active on preserved railway)
TORQUAY SOUTH W20/01 South Devon Railway - Saxby & Farmer (abolished, in other use)
SWINDON GORSE HILL BRIDGES   Great Western Railway (moved to Purton, or possibly at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway)
ST MARYS CROSSING W28/10a Great Western Railway
OSWESTRY SOUTH   Great Western Railway (Moved? Active with Cambrian Heritage Railways, Oswestry)
PANTYFFYNON SOUTH W44/05 Great Western Railway
DAWLISH W19/20 Great Western Railway (abolished, listed as part of entire station site)
De-listed 2013 and demolished c7/13..
ATHELNEY W18/16 Great Western Railway (moved to Bishops Lydeard, West Somerset Railway)
PRINCES RISBOROUGH NORTH W5/11 Great Western Railway (abolished, restored)
MAIDEN NEWTON W12/29 Great Western Railway (abolished, restored)
SANDFORD & BANWELL W3/14 Great Western Railway (abolished, moved?)
TORRE W19/33 Great Western Railway (abolished, restored)
CODSALL W59/01 Great Western Railway (abolished, moved and currently in bits)
BASCHURCH W62/14 Great Western Railway - McKenzie & Holland
TINTERN W31/09 Great Western Railway - McKenzie & Holland (abolished, in other use)
STOKE CANON CROSSING W19/07 Great Western Railway - Saxby & Farmer (abolished, derelict)
ABERTHAW W80/05 Barry Railway (active - to be abolished 2013)
PONTYPRIDD JUNCTION W78/26 Taff Vale Railway (shortened, abolished, derelict)
WALNUT TREE JUNCTION W78/17 Taff Vale Railway (abolished, moved)
BARMOUTH SOUTH W89/15 Cambrian Railway - Dutton (abolished)
CAERSWS W87/26 Cambrian Railway - Dutton (abolished)
TY CROES LM26/35 London & North Western Railway
CARLISLE No4A PLATFORM LM8/08 London & North Western Railway (abolished). Part of station buildings. Lever frame removed.
ABERGELE No2 LM26/09 London & North Western Railway
CREWE JUNCTION W62/09 London & North Western Railway
HOLYWELL JUNCTION LM25/32 London & North Western Railway
LLANDRINDOD WELLS No1 W90/12 London & North Western Railway (abolished, moved a short distance, restored)
MOSTYN No1 LM25/33 London & North Western Railway
RHYL No1 LM26/06 London & North Western Railway
RHYL No2 LM26/07 London & North Western Railway (abolished, derelict)
SEVERN BRIDGE JUNCTION W62/07 London & North Western Railway
WANSFORD LM13/22 London & North Western Railway (abolished, active with Nene Valley Railway)
VALLEY LM27/01 London & North Western Railway
SELSIDE LM77/13 Midland Railway (abolished, moved, derelict)
ACTON CANAL WHARF LM50/25 Midland Railway. Absolutely ruined by Network Rail's rebuilding, no longer worthy of being listed.
BRISTOL OLD STATION W15/15 Midland Railway (abolished)
ECCLESFIELD   Midland Railway (current status?)
EMBSAY STATION LM79/02 Midland Raiway (abolished, operational on private railway)
ST ALBANS SOUTH LM43/33 Midland Railway (abolished, restored)
KEIGHLEY STATION JUNCTION LM76/22 Midland Railway (abolished)
WARMLEY LM75/07 Midland Railway (abolished, under restoration 2012)
KETTERING STATION LM45/08 Midland Railway (abolished, moved)
KILBY BRIDGE   Midland Railway (moved to Midland Railway Centre, Butterley)
SUDBURY LM82/26 North Staffordshire Railway
BIRKDALE LM106/14 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway (abolished)
PARBOLD LM103/24 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway - Saxby & Farmer
ASKAM LM108/32 Furness Railway
CARNFORTH STATION JUNCTION (old) LM108/01 Furness Railway (abolished)
CARNFORTH STATION JUNCTION (new) LM108/01 Furness Railway
GIRVAN   Glasgow & South Western Railway
AULDBAR ROAD   Caledonian Railway (on private property, used as store)
ST FILLANS   Caledonian Railway (in private use)
ERROL Sc20/21 Caledonian Railway
BROUGHTY FERRY PASSENGER Sc69/09 Caledonian Railway (abolished and moved)
BIGGAR   Caledonian Railway (in private use)
GARNQUEEN SOUTH JUNCTION   Caledonian Railway (moved to Bo'ness, Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway)
PERTH DOWN CENTRE Sc17/10 Caledonian Railway (abolished, in other use?)
STIRLING MIDDLE Sc16/23 Caledonian Railway
STIRLING NORTH Sc16/24 Caledonian Railway
STONEHAVEN   Caledonian Railway
AVIEMORE NORTH Sc56/23 Highland Railway
CARR BRIDGE SOUTH Sc56/24 Highland Railway (abolished, in other use)
NAIRN EAST Sc58/03 Highland Railway (abolsihed, derelict)
NAIRN WEST Sc58/04 Highland Railway (abolsihed, derelict)
MURTHLY SOUTH Sc56/01 Highland Railway (abolished)
BOAT OF GARTEN NORTH   Highland Railway (active on Strathspey Railway)
BOAT OF GARTEN SOUTH   Highland Railway (active on Strathspey Railway)
CLACHNAHARRY   Highland Railway
KINGUSSIE NORTH Sc56/19 Highland Railway
PITLOCHRY Sc56/07 Highland Railway
HELMSDALE SOUTH Sc59/26 Highland Railway (abolsihed, in other use)
DUNRAGIT Sc66/12 London, Midland & Scottish Railway
GARDEN STREET JUNCTION E46/16 Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (abolished, derelict)
ELSHAM E49/12 Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway
WORKSOP EAST E47/25 Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway
APPLEBY (Lincs) E49/14 Manchester, Sheffiled & Lincolnshire Railway - Railway Signal Co
KIRTON LIME SIDINGS E47/04 Manchester, Sheffiled & Lincolnshire Railway - Railway Signal Co
BROCKLESBY JUNCTION E46/26 Great Central Railway
WRAWBY JUNCTION E46/30 Great Central Railway
HALE LM124/01 Cheshire Lines Committee - Saxby & Farmer
CROMER YARD E58/17 Midland & Great Northern (abolished, restored)
STOW PARK E60/30 Great Northern Railway
BECKINGHAM E61/02 Great Northern Railway. Lever frame no longer exists.
EAST HOLMES E60/21 Great Northern Railway (abolished)
HIGH STREET (Lincoln) E60/20 Great Northern Railway (abolished)
HECKINGTON E17/05 Great Northern Railway
WEST STREET JUNCTION E9/07 Great Northern Railway. Gate wheel (out of use) has been retained.
SLEAFORD EAST E17/03 Great Northern Railway
Part of frame removed 2011 and stored.
LOUTH NORTH E9/32 Great Northern Railway (abolished, restored)
EASTFIELD E3/35 Great Northern Railway
ROYDON E19/02 Great Eastern Railway (abolished, derelict)
DOWNHAM E20/10 Great Eastern Railway
ATTLEBOROUGH E29/07 Great Eastern Railway (abolished)
THETFORD STATION E29/02 Great Eastern Railway (abolished)
MARCH EAST JUNCTION E27/25 Great Eastern Railway
CHAPPEL E36/02 Great Eastern Railway (abolished, owned by preserved railway)
HERTFORD STATION E24/17 Great Eastern Railway (abolished, derelict)
WOLFERTON E29/15 Great Eastern Railway (abolished, in private ownership)
WYMONDHAM SOUTH JUNCTION E20/09 Great Eastern Railway (abolished)
BURY ST EDMUNDS YARD E26/20 Great Eastern Railway
WROXHAM E30/27 Great Eastern Railway (abolished)
GOOLE SWING BRIDGE NE8/02a North Eastern Railway
KNARESBOROUGH NE9/21 North Eastern Railway
BEDALE NE33/11 North Eastern Railway (abolished, leased to Wensleydale Railway and used as crossing-keeper's cabin)
BURTON AGNES NE11/18 North Eastern Railway (1875 box, abolished, boarded up. Later box has been demolished)
NEW BRIDGE   North Eastern Railway (active with North Yorkshire Moors Railway)
HOWDEN NE38/17 North Eastern Railway (abolished, boarded up)
WEAVERTHORPE NE12/17 North Eastern Railway
NAFFERTON   North Eastern Railway (demolished?)
CASTLEFORD NE2/21 North Eastern Railway
KIRKHAM ABBEY NE12/04 North Eastern Railway
NORHAM NE19/15 North Eastern Railway (abolished, restored)
CHATHILL NE18/19 North Eastern Railway
BEVERLEY NE11/06 North Eastern Railway
SHILDON SOUTH NE38/07 North Eastern Railway
HALTWHISTLE NE20/24 North Eastern Railway (disused, restored)
FALSGRAVE NE12/25 North Eastern Railway. One signal gantry also listed but planned to be moved to Grosmont.
HEXHAM EAST NE20/13 North Eastern Railway (gantry box)
WYLAM NE20/02 North Eastern Railway (gantry box)
KIPPEN Sc33/21 North British Railway (abolished, derelict)
ABERDOUR Sc40/12 North British Railway (abolished, in other use)
ROSYTH DOCKYARD   North British Railway (abolished)
TYNDRUM UPPER   North British Railway (abolished)
ARROCHAR & TARBET Sc34/05 West Highland (abolished)
ARISAIG Sc34/26 West Highland Extension (abolished)
KNOCKANDO Sc65/16 Great North of Scotland Railway (abolished, in private use)
HIGHAMS PARK E24/01 London & North Eastern Railway (abolished, restored)
BISHOPS STORTFORD SOUTH E19/07 London & North Eastern Railway
CARR BRIDGE Sc56/24 British Railways (abolished)
NEW STREET (Birmingham) LM17/10 British Railways
HACKNEY DOWNS E18/13 British Railways (abolished, derelict)
LIVERPOOL STREET   Metropolitan Railway (Interlocking Machine Room)
GREAT MISSENDEN LT2/28 Metropolitan Railway (disused, moved)
RUISLIP LT3/04 Metropolitan Railway

Records showing listed buldings would not appear to be all in one place so it is probably impossible to identify every listed signal box but I think those shown must represent the vast majority. If you spot any not listed here or can update the status given above, please contact me with supporting evidence, so that they can be added.

Additional information will be welcomed by John Hinson