An early power signal box

by John Hinson

Brighton Beach signal cabinWhilst looking at the Speed Signalling at Brighton Beach, we found this small power box which opened in 1926.

It is located at the opposite end of the station to the track layout - not really a factor with power signalling - in order to be adjacent to a level crossing.

The level crossing now operates automatically, but the box still controls the layout at the other end of the station.

Brighton Beach signal cabin is closedThe current status of the signal box is not in doubt!

In fact, the box is more or less permanently switched out, as no trains are now booked to terminate at Brighton Beach.

I subsequently learnt that the cabin contained a now rare GRS pistol-grip frame (of 16 slides). I now regret not having investigated a bit deeper.

Oh well . . .


Footnote - the box has been brought back into regular use and is active in 2012.

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