A modern signalling installation

by John Hinson

Broken Hill signal cabinThe Indian-Pacific Express calls at Broken Hill for a lengthy period, allowing passengers to buy from the local tradespeople who set up stalls on the platform, take a bus tour of the town, or just have a walk around streets with names like Sulphide Street, Chloride Street and Oxide Street.

Those street names give away the fact that this is a mining town, and a very prosperous one too, for there do not seem to be many things that aren't dug out of the ground round here.

The mining in turn generates a quantity of mineral traffic for the railway, and Broken Hill has a comprehensive layout controlled from a panel in the station buildings.

At the time of this photograph it wasn't difficult to find the box - it was signed! Now, however, Broken Hill is remote controlled from Orange Train control Office, some 800km away!

This photograph was used for a caption competition in the November 2000 quiz

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