Queensland Government Railways

by John Hinson

Murphy's Creek signal cabin
Photograph by Frank Archer, 1988

Murphy's Creek is a wayside station on the single line of the Main Western line between Toowoomba and Helidon. The layout consists of a single platform and passing loop, plus a small yard. The signalling was originally controlled from a open deck (opened April 1913) covered only with a roof. The walls were added to enclose the structure around 1962.

Murphy's Creek station and signal cabin
Photograph by Dr J W F Scrimgeour, 21/9/67

Stepping back twenty-one years, this view shows the station, looking towards Ipswich and Brisbane.

This section of the Main Western line was signalled by Electric Train Staff, the adjacent staff stations being Lockyer (or Helidon when Lockyer is switched out) and Holmes. At Helidon, the line becomes double track as it continues towards Brisbane.

Bracket signal at Murphy's Creek
Photograph by Dr J W F Scrimgeour, 21/9/67

This view, again looking towards Brisbane, shows the Down Home signals which guard the station and give access to the Loop or Main Platform line. The station buildings in the above view are obscured by a water tower.

The rear of two signals mounted above each other can be seen in the mid-distance, governing departures from Murphy's Creek onto the single line. This is a very early (and misleading!) way to configure signals for parralel lines although common in Queensland.

The signalling has since been modernised and is now remotely managed using Centralised Traffic Control from Mayne (Brisbane). Although disused, Murphy's Creek cabin was still in place and in fine condition in 2002.

Additional notes by Frank Archer, Phil Barker and Andrew Koch

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