New South Wales Government Railways

by John Hinson

Newcastle signal box
Photograph by Dr J W F Scrimgeour, 19/9/67

Although once the end of the Main Northern line from Sydney, the terminal station at Newcastle has lost importance through being by-passed by main line services continuing to the north.

Since 1936, the station has been controlled from the brick-built power box seen here.

Interior of Newcastle box
Photograph by Dr J W F Scrimgeour, 19/9/67

This interior view shows the signalman's diagram and miniature lever frame. The diagram is of the "illuminated" type in that the track circuit indications are shown by white bulbs on the plan. However, the more common convention of the bulbs being lit when track circuits are occupied is reversed here. This explains the large number of bulbs lit - in fact the only sections of line occupied at the time of the photographs are the two upper platforms on the right.

The station closed in 2014 and all trains now bypass it. The buildings, including the signalbox, survive through being listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register and as of 2018 the signalbox appeared to still be in good condition.

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