Queensland Government Railways

by John Hinson

Normanby signal cabin
Photograph 23/9/67, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

Normanby signal box and station were to be found in Brisbane, on the Exhibition Loop line between Roma Street and Brisbane Mayne stations. This picture, taken from the station looking towards Roma Street, shows the signal box mounted high up on the embankment to command a good view of the layout on the sharp curve.

The box is of unusual hipped-roof design, and is probably not (for once!) of McKenzie & Holland build.

The layout was controlled from a double-wire frame, controlling both semaphore and colour light signals. The latter related to the Automatic Block between here and Mayne (behind the cameraman) but conventional block working using Tyer's one-wire three-position block applied onward to Roma Street.

The two lines on the right of this view are the main lines, whilst the two on the left are good lines that commence here. The box also controls access to Roma Street goods yard, which is actually on the far side of the right-hand embankment, and entered via a connection at the Mayne end of the station.

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