Queensland Government Railways

by John Hinson

View from South Brisbane station
Photograph 23/9/67, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour,

A view from the platforms at the South Brisbane 3' 6" gauge QGR station, a five-platform terminus serving the South Coast line. Visible are the platform starting signals for Platforms 2/3 (left - see below) and Platforms 4/5 (right). In the distance, the starting signal for the centre siding, can be seen.

Alongside this terminus, behind the signal cabin, was South Brisbane Interstate station, a single-platform terminus with freight facilities serving the standard gauge main line from Sydney via Kygole opened in 1930. Whilst owned by the QGR, this was operated by the New South Wales Government Railways and the station had its own separate signal cabin.

Starting signals at South Brisbane
Photograph 22/9/67, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

This atmospheric view shows a steam suburban service arriving at Platform 3 at South Brisbane..

The lower arms of all of the starting signals here have shorter arms with a letter S superimposed to indicate that they apply to shunt moves. These are not "shunt-ahead" signals in British terms, but simply signals leading to sidings. In this instance, they may apply to the Up Shunt Neck, giving access to the carriage sidings or the Down Shunt Neck, which leads to the loco sidings and turntable.

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