Queensland Government Railways

by John Hinson

General view of Yeerongpilly
Photograph 23/9/67, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour,

At Yeerongpilly, a triangular junction is formed between the 3' 6" South Coast line and the Corinda branch. The standard gauge Interstate line runs parallel, and crosses through the two sides of the triangle serving the Corinda line, resulting in a very interesting layout.

In this view, the double-track main line curves left of the signal cabin towards Southport after passing through the island platform station just out of view on the left. A steam locomotive is proceeding round the triangle towards Corinda, and is just about to cross the single Interstate line. Beneath the cameraman (who is on the station footbridge) is the Down Goods Loop, whilst the line adjacent to the Interstate line is the Weighbridge Road. The wagons on the left are in the Up Sidings, which serve the Intercolonia Boring Company (yes, really!) which is the large building in the background bearing their initials on the roof.

Just visible beyond the signal cabin is the standard gauge locomotive depot which served the Interstate line.

Yeerongpilly signal cabin
Photograph 23/9/67, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour,

With feet back on terra firma, a Sydney - Brisbane Interstate service is seen passing over the Corinda line. The Interstate line, opened in 1930, was actually the property of the QGR, but as it differed in gauge to the rest of their network and was only used by trains to and from New South Wales, was operated by the NSWGR.

The Corinda line is strategically important. At Corinda, it joins the main Brisbane to Ipswich route, and forms the only link between the lines north and south of Brisbane.

Signalling instruments in Yeerongpilly box
Photograph 23/9/67, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

The signal cabin contained an impressive array of signalling instruments. The two Miniature Electric Train Staff instruments serve the Interstate line, whilst the three Tyer's one-wire three position blocks are for the QGR lines. The left-hand block works to Rocklea box, in the direction of Southport, the centre block to Corinda, and the right-hand one to Dutton Park, towards South Brisbane.

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