Canadian Pacific

by John Hinson

12 Street East tower
Photograph 4/58, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

12 Street East tower was located about 1 mile east of Calgary station, which is on the main east-west line and is the junction for lines to Edmonton and Lethbridge.

This general view looks west towards Calgary station. The architecture of the tower is typical of those found on the lines of the Canadian Pacific, with overhanging hipped roofs and glazing punctuated with small plain sections. This example is built of brick, but many were in timber - see Morris for an example.

The building in the background is a book bindery and in 2005 was undergoing restoration to brighten up this area of "urban blight" as it has become.

Interior of 12 Street East
Photograph 4/58, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

The tower housed a 42-handle power interlocking plant manufactured by the Union Switch & Signal Company in the USA. This was installed when the tower was erected in 1913.

This structure closed around 1960, when a new building was erected about 500 feet to the east, utilising a different interlocking system.

Additional notes by Chris Galka

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