Canadian Pacific

by John Hinson

Tecumseth Street tower
Photograph 1/10/59, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

This photograph looks along the double-track of the Canadian Pacific towards Toronto Union station, with Tecumseth (pronounced Tecumsah) Street tower on the right. At the time of this photograph, colour-light signalling, employing twin head searchlight signals applied on this line, which had (like most Canadian double-track) right-hand running.

On the left is the double-track of the Canadian Northern, signalled with three-position semaphores. On the far left of this view, that line is crossed by a single track CP branch to Front Street, worked on the Electric Train Staff system.

Inside Tecumseth Street tower
Photograph 1/10/59, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

The all-timber tower housed a power frame built by GRS to their Model 2 design. Mounted on the wall next to the window are clockwork time-releases, as described at Glen Yard.

Electric Train Staff instrument at Tecumseth Street
Photograph 1/10/59, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

The single line to the waterfront at Front Street was, as mentioned above, operated by the Electric Train Staff system, using the miniature staff instrument shown here. This was manufactured in the UK by the Railway Signal Company, under licence from the London & North Western Railway who originally designed the device.

The use of the Electric Train Staff system was not common on the Canadian Pacific - the majority of their lines were worked by the Train Order system.

Notice alongside the rack of train staffs a block telephone, which uses the same single wire as the staff instrument between here and Front Street. To the right is a hand generator to provide the power for the bells and instruments.

Additional notes by Chris Galke

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