Danish State Railways

by John Hinson

Interior of Arhus No5
Photograph 7/55, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

At least seven signal boxes controlled the station and yards of Arhus, which were on a terminal spur where trains between the north and south of Jutland were obliged to reverse.

No5 box was defined as the Supervisor box and was in charge of all movements made by the other boxes in the area too. The letter "H" in the name of the box identifies this superiority.

The frame was manufactured by Ericsson to their 1929 design and has all-electric locking. It was installed in 1949 as a replacement for the original frame which dated from 1934 and was destroyed by sabotage during the German occupation of the country.

The signalboxes ar=t Arhus closed in 1988 when the area was resignalled.

Additional notes by Ole E. Mogensen

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