Danish State Railways

by John Hinson

Copenhagen 'H' No3 signal box
Photograph 7/55, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

Copenhagen "H" No3 controlled the south end of Copenhagen Central station, and was defined as the Supervisor box for the area by the inclusion of the letter H in the title, like Arhus No5.

No3 box opened in 1911 and controlled all movements on the main lines, but did not signal the electric suburban lines which were out of view to the right. No1, 2 and 4 boxes had to obtain route releases from No3 in order to clear their signals.

Beyond the box is a row of Danish semaphore signals controlling departure from each of the four platforms. A description of the operation of this type of signal will be found on the page describing Alborg No3.

Interior of Copenhagen 'H' No3
Photograph 7/55, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

A view of the interior of the box shows the AEG electric frame installed in 1911 when the box opened.

The lamp panel above the frame is worked by the Platform Supervisor and indicates when a train can be accepted into a platform or is ready to depart. The platform lines were not fully track-circuited at this time and responsibility lay with the Platform Supervisor to ensure the line was clear before operating the indicator.

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