Danish State Railways

by John Hinson

Silkeborg West signal box
Photograph 4/65, from the collection of Dr J W F Scrimgeour

The box at the west end of Silkeborg station was more modern than its counterpart at Silkeborg East, but was still of traditional mechanical box appearance.

Apart from controlling the entry to the west end of the station of the Branda - Langaa line, Silkeborg West also signalled the junction with the standard gauge light railways to Horsens and Rodkersbro which used the DSB's station as their terminus.

The slotted square board mounted on a tall pole by the nearest corner of the box is a shunting signal. It is painted blue and when turned to face drivers indicates that shunting is forbidden, showing a blue light by night. When parallel with the track, as shown here, it shows a yellow light and indicates that shunting may take place.

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