Chemin de Fer Alsace-Lorraine

by John Hinson

The French station of Reding has two signal cabins (or postes) and these control a number of junctions at this key location near Sarrebourg.

Refing Poste 1 signal box
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 23/7/53

The box at the west end of the station is Reding Poste 1. It was built post-war and features a wide octagonal operating floor with hugely overhanging roof, all mounted on a small, narrow base.

Poste 1 is classed as Poste Directeur and is therefore responsible for all movements at the station, with control over Poste 2 which acts as a subsidiary box.

View from the window of Reding Poste 1
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 23/7/53

A view for the signal cabin window shows the complex layout of the junction at the west end of the station. The main line continues through Sarrebourg towards Nancy and Paris, whilst a branch curves off to the right forming a triangular junction with the line to Sarroguemines and Metz. Both of these lines were later electrified.

The steam-hauled freight train is passing through the original station platform, but at the time of these photographs (July 1953) this was no longer in use for passenger trains and all such traffic used the newer island platform to the rear of the photographer.

Inside Reding Poste 1
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 23/7/53

The layout at the west end is controlled from a miniature lever power frame manufactured by Compagnie Genérale de Signalisation and the levers are arranged in two rows. The Siemenssignalling instruments are at the far end of the frame.

Reding Poste 2
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 23/7/53

Reding Poste 2 was at the east end of the station. The box controlled the exit from Reding Yard and also the junction for the branch to Diemeringen.

On the right, a heavy steam=hauled freight train departs on the main line towards Strasbourg.

As noted above, this cabin was overseen by the Poste Directeur at Reding Poste 1.

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