Chemin de Fer du Midi

by John Hinson

St Flour signal poste
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 8/64

St Flour was a crossing station on the electrified Neussargues to Beziers line of the former Chemin de Fer du Midi, 19 km south of Neussargues. The signal box is seen here at the south end of the station.

Looking south from St Flour
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 8/64

Looking south towards Beziers, the square and chequered revolving Carré signals control departing trains (equivalent to a British Starting signals) and are mounted on the large steel bracket signal.

Inside St Flour box
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 8/64

Inside the cabin we find what appears to be a standard Saxby & Farmer Rocker frame, although the caption that came with the photograph suggests it may have been built by Vigniers. With rounded lever tops and larger catch-handles than those at Maitre Ecole it is possible that the example seen here was actually manufactured in the UK.

The small padlocked boxes at the front of the frame are probably electric locks.

There are no signalling instruments here, working is by "Telephone Block".

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