Midland Great Western Railway

by John Hinson

Athlone West Junction signal cabin
Photograph from collection of Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

Athlone West Junction controlled the junction of the Westport line with the main Galway line of the Midland Great Western, and the west end of Athlone station. A sizeable box was provided by the Railway Signal Company in the 1880's to control the layout.

Interior of Athlone West Junction box
Photograph from collection of Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

The box was provided with a Railway Signal Company 5½" frame of 62 levers, but notice only tiny shelves are provided for the signalling equipment. These photographs are believed to date from the 1950's, but the bare floor boards complete a view that could equally well date from 1900.

On 1st February 1963, Athlone East Junction box (which controlled the junction with the Portarlington line) was closed, and a small panel (possibly just a range of switches) was added in this box to control that area. From that date, Athlone West Junction became plain "Athlone".

Athlone box closed on 15th June 1984.

Compiled from notes by Dr. J W F Scringeour and Tony Gray

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