Great Northern Railway of Ireland

by John Hinson

Ballyhaise North
Photograph 8/59, from the collection of Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

Whilst the majority of boxes on the Great Northern Railway of Ireland were built to their own distinctive design (see Monaghan Street) this was not exclusively the case. This example, at Ballyhaise North, is a standard Railway Signal Company structure.

Ballyhaise was found on the Portadown to Cavan branch, but warranted a little more comprehensive signalling than other locations on that line because a branch to Belturbet branched off here.

In this view, taken from the cab of a Clones to Cavan railcar service, shows the single line splitting to form passing loops around the main island platform. A third platform face, to the right, formerly served the Belturbet line but this had been closed and lifted prior to this 1959 view.

The "main line" was also closed later.

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