Great Southern & Western Railway

by John Hinson

Cherryville Junction signal cabin
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 5/71,

The delightful-sounding Cherryville Junction was situated about two miles south of Kildare on the Great Southern & Western Railway's main line between Dublin and Cork. It is suggested that at the time of the photograph this was the oldest working signal cabin in Ireland, and certainly its architecture would suggest that it dates from before the introduction of block working.

This view looks towards Dublin and shows the home signals for the junction, built high to allow a good view to drivers above the arch of the bridge.

General view of Cherryville Junction
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 5/71,

A general view of the junction, taken from the bridge, shows the branch to Athy and Lavistown Junction (which is still open) curving left away from the main line. At this date, the branch was worked by Webb & Thompson Miniature Electric Train Staff. The main line was signalled with Harper's instruments - see Dalkey for examples.

Notice that the signal cabin is not exactly parallel to the running lines; the reason for it being constructed this way is not known.

The cabin was abolished in 1976 when the area was taken over by the CTC control room at Connolly, Dublin.

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