West Clare Railway

by John Hinson

Signals at Lahinch
Photograph 1938, from the collection of Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

Little is known by the writer about the signalling on the West Clare Railway, but this photograph shows some interesting signals at Lahinch station. The West Clare Railway was a small narrow gauge line which ran between Ennis and Miltown, and Lahinch was the last intermediate station on that line.

The signals serve the purpose of home signal for trains approaching the station, and starter for departing trains. Close study of the picture reveals that the spectacle plates are arranged so as share the use of one signal lamp.

The miniature semaphore at ground level is a puzzle. It is in the clear position for the passage of a train, but what function does it actually serve? If anything, a signal reading the opposite way might be expected here, into the loop or siding.

The three-foot gauge West Clare Railway closed throughout in 1962.

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