Iarnród Éireann

(former Great Southern & Western Railway)

by Simon Lowe

Wexford South gate cabin
Photograph by Simon Lowe, 3/5/01

The former signal cabin at Wexford South, which opened in 1907 and was reduced to a gate cabin in 1982, was replaced by this blue container-like structure in the late 1990s. The new cabin is located immediately to the south of the level crossing it controls, whereas the old cabin had been to the north. There is no longer a block post at Wexford, the town being situated within the Enniscorthy to Rosslare Strand single line section.

Lever frame at Wexford South
Photograph by Simon Lowe, 3/5/01

This five-lever ground frame is to be found inside. Lever number 1 is spare. At first glance, it may appear that distant signal levers have been reversed while the stop signal levers are normal. In fact, the frame does not control any distant signals, and the yellow levers seen here operate the level crossing barriers. On Irish Rail, distant signal levers are painted green. No track diagram has been provided inside this cabin.

Barrier mechnism at Wexford South
Photograph by Simon Lowe, 3/5/01

This is a close up view of the mechanical linkage to the barrier on the up side of the railway.

One of the stop signals at Wexford South
Photograph by Simon Lowe, 3/5/01

The level crossing is protected in each direction by a semaphore stop signal mounted on an unusual round timber post. In this view looking south, the down direction signal, number 2, is illustrated and the level crossing and gate cabin are visible in the background.

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