Signals at Coimbra A
Companhia dos Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses

by John Hinson

Signals at Coimbra A
Photograph by Janet Cottrell, 2002

Whilst the delightful locations shown elsewhere in this section have long become history, there is still an amount of semaphore signalling to be found in Portugal. These two signals were photographed by Janet Cottrell in 2002 at Coimbra "A" station, nowadays known as Coimbra.

Coimbra A is one of three stations in this city, being a small terminus in the town centre situated on a short nranch off the main Lisboa to Porto line from Coimbra B, which has colour-light signalling. The third is a very small terminus serving the separate line to Serpins, called Coimbra Parque.

It is Portuguese practice for the arms to protrude from the post towards the line they apply to, so these two signals must apply to the two lines either side of the post. They are not provided with any lighting for night-time use, as the area is floodlit.

The signal numbers are shown on the white part of the arms, but this is not the lever number but a geographical numbering system. Up signals are numbered in sequence, using odd numbers, whilst Down signals (like those seen here) are sequentially numbered using even numbers.

This photograph formed part of the July 2002 Quiz.

Additional notes by Hugo Leandro and Jean Thouvenin

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