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The Portuguese railway system comprises a number of railway companies (including one that was already state-owned) that amalgamated on 1st January 1947 to become Companhia dos Caninhoes de Ferro Portugueses, usually referred to with just the initials CP.

The main constituents were:

Some railways were not part of the 1947 amalgamation:

The first electrification of the CP system commenced operation in 1957.

The most typical type of mechanical signalling in Portugal were target signals but at present there are no pictures of these available. Two-position semaphore signalling was common, too, and at just one location three-position signalling was provided.

Signalling on less important lines was often basic and simple, using a sequential key interlocking system, and block working was by telephone.

Companhia dos Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses can be translated into English as Portuguese Company of Ways of Iron.

Additional notes by Hugo Leandro and Jean Thouvenin