Caile Ferate Romane
(Rumanian State Railways)

by John Hinson

Signal hut near Volslova
Photograph 24/10/74, from the collection of Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

Alongside the standard gauge CFR station at Volslova, there was, in 1974, a timber loading yard served by a 30" gauge railway. This line initially curved away from the CFR line, but turned right back on itself to cross the main line at the flat crossing seen here.

In this view, a narrow-gauge 0-8-0T hauling timber wagons is crossing the main line, passing the crossing keeper's cabin.

It is doubtful that the cabin shown here is regarded as a proper "signal box", and the two discs mounted on poles, leaning against the cabin wall, may well be the full complement of signalling provided!

In the distance, behind the locomotive, the two-arm home signal for the station signal box at Volslova can be seen; this box was located on the single station platform where there was also a passing loop suitable for freight trains.

This signal follows German practice and the arrangement of two arms for the divergence ahead indicates "stop".

Indications that could be displayed by this signal are as follows:

Stop indication Signal clear for main route Signal clear for lesser route
Stop Clear
(main route)
(lesser route)

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