Madrid, Zaragoza & Alicante / Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Espanoles

by John Hinson

Seville Plaza de Armas signal box
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 9/69,

The quaintness of this box, with its narrow base and tall operating room, disguises the fact that this is an early Spanish power installation built by the Madrid, Zaragoza & Alicante.

The box is situated on the Madrid to Huelva line which passes the far side of the box in this view. In the foreground, lines part from this route to serve the terminal station of Plaza Da Armas. Trains from Huelva have to reverse into the station, and departures reverse out.

In front of the box is a four-armed semaphore signal. Like the Italian counterparts, the lamps for night indications are fitted within the stem of the signal post.

Interior of Seville Plaza da Armas box
Photograph by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour 9/69

Inside the box, the signalman poses against the locally made Bianchi-Servettaz power frame. This type has the locking in a vertical tray along the front. The functions may well be hydraulically operated as the frame is very similar to that provided at Salt River Junction in South Africa.

Additional notes by Jean Thouvenin

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