Berne POSTE 2
Schweizerische Bundesbahn/Chemins de Fer Fédérales

by John Hinson

West end of Berne station, showing Poste 2
Photograph 1953, by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

A view of Berne Poste 1 and the layout at the west end of the station. This mechanical signal box controlled the signals under to guidance of the Director Poste, which at this station was also Poste 1.

The signalling here was quite primitive, with many of the points hand-worked. Modernisation came within a few years of this 1953 photograph when the station was rebuilt.

Interior of Berne Poste 2
Photograph 1953, by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

This picture shows the interior of Berne Poste 2. Two sections of double-wire frame sit either side of the Siemens-type block equipment which was manufactured by Hasler.

Interior of Berne Poste 1
Photograph August 1953, by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

And, while we're here, we'll take a peek inside Poste 1, which looks a touch more modern! It was in fact installed in 1941. The frame is by Siemens VES and is described as a four row electric frame. Behind the switches can be seen the train describer equipment, and part of the illuminated diagram can also be seen, showing the four track eastern approach to Berne.

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