Thailand Railway

by John Hinson

Interior of signal box
Photograph by Frank Archer, 2002

By chance, the train Frank Archer was travelling on stopped with his window opposite a signal box at a crossing station on a single line. Through the open shutters, a German-style double-wire frame can be seen. The signalman is operating one of two Neale's Ball Token instruments. Although this type of instrument was conceived in India, their use in other countries came about as they were manufactured by the Westinghouse Brake & Signal Company, in the UK.

Token exchange apparatus
Photograph by Frank Archer, 2002

This "action" shot shows a single line token being collected from lineside delivery apparatus. Curiously, although only one token is mounted for collection, there appear to be two mounting brackets.

The large bracket with a red knob is probably for collection of tokens from trains going in the opposite direction.

Notice the footsteps on the outside of the post to allow it to be climbed by the signalman.

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