Chicago & North Western Railroad

by John Hinson

Lake Street tower
Photograph 7/59, by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

A view looking towards the Chicago & North Western Railroad station at Chicago (Lake Street), with the electric interlocking tower on the left. Note the three-position shunting signals in the foreground.

There were two towers by the name of Lake Street, on different Railroads but in the same street. The other one was on the Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific RR, and is still operational. It controls the northern throat of Chicago Union station.

La Dalle Street in 2001
Photograph 2001, from the collection of M Brotzman

And here is a view of the station throat at Lake Street in 2001, many years after the views above. The huge bridge that carries the CTA lines across the layout has been renewed in smaller form, and the surrounding architecture has risen a little, but the layout has hardly changed. Several three-position shunting signals can be seen in the foreground.

Additional notes by Kendrick Bisset and Mike Brotzman

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