Zoo to Nassau

by Mike Brotzman

The Pennsylvania Railroad rightly proclaimed itself the Standard Railroad of the World. At one point, one of the largest corporations in America with over 300,000 workers, the PRR connected some of the most industrial and densely populated regions in the country. The PRR prided itself on having the highest quality system by constructing exceptionally robust infrastructure engineering and pioneering new railroad technologies.

In fact, the PRR had little choice in the matter. Without these measures the railroad would have been simply flooded over by the seer volume of things it needed to transport. From thousands of daily commuters to premier intercity trains to trains of coal and ore hundreds of cars long, the PRR hauled it fast and on time. The PRR's commitment to quality was evident everywhere, from its rail to its rolling stock, but the PRR left a particularly rich legacy in that of its interlocking towers, a few of which I will try to illustrate.

Locations in this series

Track Plans

Track layout plans for the locations described in this series of articles may be accessed by clicking on the link at the top right of each page. The plans are reproduced courtesy Mark D. Bej at the PRR Interlocking Diagrams web site. Some of these are quite large images; please allow time to load.

It is regretted that some of the photographs accompanying these articles are not of exceptional quality but are included here for the sake of completeness, until better views can be obtained.

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