Tower 12
Chicago Transport Authority

by John Hinson

Interior of Tower 12
Photograph 10/6/58, by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

A view of the interior of Tower 12 on the elevated lines of the Chicago Transit Authority. A six-handle Union Switch & Signal Co. interlocking machine, installed in 1902, controls the entire layout at this busy, but simple junction.

There is no block working on the Chicago elevated lines - all trains run in the same direction on the double-track lines and trains stop on sight of the train ahead. Signals are in use only at junctions.

View from Tower 12
Photograph 10/6/58, by Dr. J W F Scrimgeour

This picture was taken through the window of Tower 12, and shows two trains approaching the junction.

The train on the left is a Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee service which will turn off to the left of the picture to reach its Roosevelt Road terminal. The right-hand train is a CTA service working (anti-clockwise) on the Loop service.

Additional notes by Kendrick Bisset

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