British Railways (North Eastern Region)

Click or tap the thumbnail for a description and photograph of each listed signal box. These are, in some cases, supplemented by other related pictures of the same box, denoted by the following icons:

Page includes views of box interior
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Page includes close-up views of signalling instruments and equipment
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Page includes views of signals and other outdoor equipment
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Corby Gates

This rather non-standard box of 1955 is something of a bodge, consisting of a new operating floor placed on an extended base of an earlier signal box here.

Low Gates

This example demonstrates the North Eastern Region’s developments from the LNER design of 1933. It compares well with the Eastern Region’s boxes of the era, the main difference being the window arrangement. Boxes of this type were only built during 1955 and 1956.


The North Eastern Region reverted to the use of gabled roofs for new mechanical boxes opened between 1957 and 1967. Whilst they were not all identical, many features clearly came from the 1955 design above.

The North Eastern Region was disbanded and became part of the Eastern Region in 1967.

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