Cheshire Lines Committee


Cheshire Lines Committee

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Although the Cheshire Lines Committee was jointly owned by the Great Central, the Great Northern and Midland Railways, it operated as an independent concern. Until the CLC opened its own signal works at Warrington in 1881, boxes were built and equipped by contractors, but the company was quick to introduced its own designs.

With the grouping of 1923 it became a joint operation between the London, Midland & Scottish and the London & North Eastern Railways. Like most things run by committees, it didn’t follow the principles of others, and retained its independent manner through to 1936, when signalling became the responsibility of the LMS side of the operation. After that date, new boxes were built to the standard LMS designs.


This design was introduced around 1873, continuing in production to 1903. Distinct features are the heavy-looking hipped roof and large “toplight” windows above the main glazing sections.


A box built by Saxby & Farmer in 1876.

Northenden Junction

A rather tall box built by Stevens & Sons in the early 1880s.

Knutsford East

A few boxes were built between 1882 and 1886 to a modified form of Stevens & Sons’ standard box. The main difference is the use of more conventional window glazing than Stevens themselves would have usually provided.

Bredbury Junction

One of the last CLC boxes to be built, this all-brick box was erected in 1931.

The Cheshire Lines Committee became part of the London Midland Region of British Railways in 1948.


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