OPENED: 1899     CLOSED: 1957

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Almost all North British Railway signal boxes were built in brick, but a few exceptions were constructed in timber where the ground conditions were not suitable for a heavy structure. Birkhill, on the NBR’s Bo’ness branch was one of these.

Birkhill SB
Dr J W F Scrimgeour collection, 3/12/55

The architecture is similar to that of Hartwoodhill Junction, but vertical timbering is provided throughout.

The signal box controlled a passing loop (and not a lot else!) on the single line between Bo’ness Junction (at Manuel) and Kinneil from its 21-lever frame. Closing apparatus was provided in 1922 so that the box could be switched out at times of light traffic with long-section tablet working applying between the adjacent signal boxes.

Its services were dispensed with on 23rd June 1957.

Today, Birkhill is served by the Bo’ness & Kinneil heritage railway.


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