OPENED: 1881     CLOSED: —-

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In 1878, the North British Railway introduced its second standard design of signal box, although these were only used until around 1884. It didn’t supersede the heavy-looking 1873 design which continued to be built alongside these.

Inverkeilor SB
N L Cadge, 10/9/77

Like most NBR signal boxes, Inverkeilor was built in brick but this type introduced a greater glazed area – eliminating the thick brick pillars by providing an all-timber glazing area. The window pillars are strongly built judging by the excessively thick timbers. Sash windows are provided as normal for this era on the NBR.

Inverkeilor is to be found north of Dundee on the main line to Aberdeen, an area where traditional signalling remains at the time of writing (2020) and the signal box (still with its 1881 16-lever frame) continues in use.


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