Waverley East


Waverley East

OPENED: 1897     CLOSED: 1938

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A major rebuild and enlargement of Edinburgh Waverley station took place over several years in the late 1890s, necessitating a number of new signal boxes. Waverley East opened in 1897.

Waverley East SB
Dr J W F Scrimgeour collection, 1897

This view shows that the North British Railway chose to make a show-piece of the signal boxes – this, and the main one at the West end, had distinct multi-gabled roofs topped with crucifix-like finials. The window sections comprise two large plate-glass panes with Midland Railway-style fillets in the upper corners.

Waverley East SB
Dr J W F Scrimgeour, 1897

This picture shows every lever of the 260-lever frame with not a single one in the “reversed” position! Both photographs, and some others taken at the same time, imply this was a time of little or no traffic and were probably actually taken during the commissioning work in 1897. One small steam locomotive appears in some views, probably being used to test routes.

The station was re-signalled again in 1938 with two power operated signal boxes at East and West, eliminating the three smaller Waverley boxes mind-way along the platforms in the process.


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