Oldham, Ashton & Guide Bridge Railway


Oldham, Ashton & Guide Bridge Railway

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The Oldham, Ashton & Guide Bridge Railway was intended to be a joint concern between the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway, the London & North Western Railway and the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway – but the latter, being a bitter rival of the L&NWR at the time, were having nothing of that and pulled out of the deal. Ironically, though, the route crossed the L&YR’s Manchester to Stalybridge line at the appropriately named OA&GB Junction and one wonders how traffic was prioritised there.

Signalling came to the line in the 1870s and the first signal boxes were built by Saxby & Farmer although McKenzie & Holland built a few in the late 19th century. After that, only one new signal box is known to have been built, to the Great Central’s design.

The Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway, of course, became the Great Central Railway in 1897. In 1905 the line became under the control of a newly set up organisation – the Great Central & North Western Joint Committee.

Crowthorn Junction

An early signal box on the OA&GB was this very tall example erected by Saxby & Farmer.

Park Bridge

McKenzie & Holland built this signal box, said to date from 1891 but it could be a lot older than that.

Ashton Moss South Junction

Built in Great Central & North Western Joint Committee, this was a large signal box of the Great Central Railway’s atchitecture.

The Great Central & North Western Joint Committee became a joint London, Midland & Scottish Railway and London & North Eastern Railway operation with the grouping in 1923,


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