Rhymney Railway


Rhymney Railway

Click or tap the thumbnail for a description and photograph of each listed signal box. These are, in some cases, supplemented by other related pictures of the same box, denoted by the following icons:

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One could be forgiven for thinking the Rhymney Railway regarded signalling as a necessary evil as their is little evidence of any effort being made to provide proper signalling until it was forced to do so by the 1889 Regulation of Raiways Act. Even then, boxes seemed to be built as small as possible with few levers controlling minimal signalling.

Bargoed Pits

All known signal boxes on the Rhymney Railway were built by McKenzie & Holland to their long-lived design of 1875 but with stone bases.

Ystrad Mynach South

This example is mounted part-way up an embankment where timber construction might have been easier.

Caerphilly East

The largest signal box on the Rhymney Railway.

The Rhymney was absorbed into the Great Western Railway with the 1923 railway grouping.


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