Stop and think!


Previous competitions have covered a variety of signalling subjects.

Details of the questions and the correct answers will be found below, together with the names of the winners.



HarlechNo less than 14 correct answers were received, correctly identifying the mystery location as Harlech. Two even identified that the photograph was taken from the castle walls! The first correct answer came from Peter Binnersley who therefore wins the clip-art disc.


In November, you were asked to list as many boxes as possible with the name Acton in them. The winner was Derek Wild, who listed thirteen - Acton Middle, Acton East, Acton West, North Acton Junction, Acton Wells Junction, Acton Grange Viaduct, Acton Grange Junction, Acton Bridge, South Acton Junction, Acton Lane Sidings, Acton Canal Wharf, North Acton (LT) Acton Town (LT). And there were others, too, such as Acton Lane Junction, Iron Acton, Acton Yard and Acton Loop. Clacton-on-Sea would have qualified too!


The October quiz asked the name of any location that has or had four signal boxes named North, South, East and West, which brought forth a large number of responses. Alan Colquhoun (in the Czech Republic) was first with a correct answer, citing the four boxes at Waverley, Edinburgh. Other correct answers received during the month were Nottingham Victoria, Honeybourne, Eastleigh, Kingham, Croes Newydd, East Grinstead and Sleaford. The latter is the last location in the UK where all four boxes are still in use. Two others that I thought of were March and Thornton (Fife).


Belvedere signal boxNobody even got near identifying Belvedere signal box from the photograph! The nearest answer came from Alex Knapton, with the comment "Is it somewhere on the S.R? Gate lamp looks southern to me." was the only answer that was even in the right part of the country, and is therefore declared the winner.


A large number of correct entries were received for the August competition, which asked about meanings of the white diamonds on signal posts other than to indicate a track circuit, and the correct answers included Midland Rotary Block areas, Lock & Block areas, Tokenless Block areas, Treadles, Electric Depression Bars and Axle Counters

By rights, first prize should have gone to Bob Wright, but as he was the winner of the July competition, he kindly offered the prize to the runner up.

But the runner up was Richard Lemon, who was the June winner, and he also kindly passed the prize on. Is this a quiz or are we playing pass the parcel?

The third correct answer came from Dave Skipsey, who receives the clip-art disc prize.


The winner of the July competition was Bob Wright, who estimated the longest known mechanical signal pull (Hertford North Up Distant) to be 2,100 yards. The correct answer was 2,367 yards.


The winner of the June competition was Richard Lemon, who correctly answered the three questions:

  1. Lock & Block System on Metropolitan Railway = Spagnoletti
  2. Region of BR with special bell signal for railbus in 1960 = Western
  3. Signals in Pass of Brander = Detect rockfall

The winner of the very first competition in May competition was Nick Allsop, who correctly identified the longest known list of lever pulls as having come from Trehafod Junction on the Taff Vale Railway's system.