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100 1845 16/8/98 - --, Portsmouth, Hants
Amazing site. Just visiting looking for any info on London Underground signaling.
99 0745 14/8/98 - Gordon Simpson, Toowoomba, Australia
A great site that has had no small amount of work put into it. Good for those of powerbox vintage to learn something of mechanical signalling.
98 0927 12/8/98 - Richard Beton, Romsey, Hants
Just visiting! I am a member of the Friends of Romsey Signal Box, which is a preserved 20-ish lever frame & box. It is used for demonstration to the public, especially schoolchildren, and also for teaching signalling staff from preserved railways.
97 2105 9/8/98 - Howard Snowden, St Mary, Jersey CI
A Yorkshireman by birth and a former resident of east Yorkshire, interests are NER and H&B railways and also the BR (NE region era, of my trainspotting days).
96 0938 8/8/98 - Chriss Hill, Northampton, Nortthants
95 2253 7/8/98 - Andrew C.Thompson
Lots of good stuff.
94 1802 4/8/98 - Ulf Pålsson, Stockholm, Sweden
93 2150 30/7/98 - Barry Gaw, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I think this is a great site. I can't imagine the number of hours spent 'building' this site. Very good work. My grandfather was a signalman/telegrapher here in Canada and I remember going up into the 'box' when we visited his town. This was back in the early 1950's. Many happy hours spent their. I imagine your project must have been a 'labour of love'.
92 2032 27/7/98 - Ian Rawstron, Rochdale, Lancs
91 1510 27/7/98 - Richard Huss, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales
A wonderful site - may it continue to grow. What spare time I have these days is amply taken care of by the Talyllyn Railway's S&T department!
90 1408 26/7/98 - Bob Dennis, Thorne, Yorks
Excellent site. I'm sure to be a regular visitor.
89 1842 19/7/98 - Alan Colquhoun, Prague, Czech Republic
Surprisingly good web site - I can see all the hard work you must have put into it. Appreciated by an ex-pat who has happy memories of box visits in the 70s and 80s, and whose old haunts are nearly all closed - mainly around Edinburgh and East Yorkshire.
88 1618 19/7/98 - David Lyons, Walthamstow, London UK
Great site - should be sponsored by the SRS!
87 1640 18/7/98 - Jim Griffiths, Budleigh Salterton, UK
A great site with a lot of good info
86 1140 18/7/98 - Tony Prescott, Garswood, Merseyside
Excellent site found from Siam pages. As an ex-BR Safety Manager it seems well detailed and authentic. I hope to contribute to the pubs section now I have retired.
85 1003 18/7/98 - Sean Peare, Surrey, B.C., Canada
I am looking to making a signal for our 15" Gauge track her in Bear Creek Park Surrer B.C. (brought over from the U.K in 1996.).
84 0752 18/7/98 - Stephen Crawshaw, Townsville, Australia
One of the very best. Very enjoyable. Good luck!
83 1254 15/7/98 - David Ronan, Dublin
Just came across your site by accident its a great site. Keep up the good work.
82 1540 13/7/98 - Peter Hall, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
I very much enjoyed my first visit to your web site which I found quite by accident. Prior to moving to Canada I worked in various signal boxes in the Southampton, Eastleigh, and Fareham area during the 60's and 70's. It's good to know that there is still an interest in traditional railway signalling.
81 1921 10/7/98 - Ralph A. Shelhamer, Bound Brook, NJ, USA
I've become very interested in British signalling practices and signal boxes, as well as timetables, after visiting a few times. I found this site by accident. It's awesome. Just what I've been looking for. I have a web site but it's not finished yet. I plan to devote it to interlocking towers (signal boxes) and timetables of the Central Railroad of New Jersey.
80 2326 6/7/98 - Richard Jones, Birmingham, UK
Congrats & thanks for a superb site. I always felt I should keep quiet about my habit of photographing signals/boxes - perhaps its not so deviant? Best wishes.
79 1349 2/7/98 - Chris Klein, Chandlers Ford, Hants
A very good site found by accident that is now bookmarked. I am a very keen railway modeller and find the whole subject of traditional railway signalling to be fascinating. Finally, I recommend a visit to Moreton-in-the-Marsh if they want to see steam-age signalling and single-line token working on a working rather preserved line.
78 1220 30/6/98 - F.T.Greenwood, Stocksfield, Northumberland
Signalman on Tanfield Railway and Operating Member of the Exeter West Group
77 0534 29/6/98 - Patrick Monagham, Kaipara Flats, Northland, New Zealand
John, I found your page the other day, what a great surprise to see you are still keeping up the old traditions that started at Christ's College Finchley . I will drop you a line later and catch up with all the past years regards Patrick Monaghan.
76 2208 27/6/98 - Stephen Parascandolo, West Wickham, Kent
Great Site! - I found it from a link on the PC-RAIL Site. My dad is a KESR Signalman. Really interesting - hopefully you will develop it to include more modern signalling methods as well.
75 2218 24/6/98 - Michael Byng, Whitacre Heath, Coleshill
Site found by accident via HMRS Home Page. I am currently building a garden model railway in O Gauge " rail fine scale. The layout is based on the assumption that the Whitacre Junction - Hampton in Arden line remained open until 1947.
74 1043 22/6/98 - John Griffiths
Great pages on British Railway Signaling John. I have added a link to them from my own British Railway pages. It will take me some time to study (and recall memories) them all, but I will. John Griffiths. ex Saltley 21A fireman.
73 1414 20/6/98 - Neil Mackay, Hamburg, Germany
Site found via the SRS. Good presentation, looking forward to future visits.
72 1506 16/6/98 - Chris J E French, Australia
Just a short note to say hello and congratulate you on a great site. Well done..! It certainly is about time someone put together one of Signalling, that oft forgotten part of history.
71 1058 15/6/98 - Peter Ipkendanz, Canberra, Australia
Excellent site, have only just discovered it. I am a signalling enthusiast with a particular interest in mechanical signalling.
70 2146 14/6/98 - Chris Ellicott, Harrow, UK
Splendidly useful site! I only stumbled on it by accident.
69 2034 13/6/98 - Chris Osment, UK
John - I found this from your listing in the Record - what a wonderful site, where have you been hiding it?
68 0934 12/6/98 - Knud Pedersen, Denmark
67 2254 9/6/98 - Philip Everett
Dear John, Excellent job! It looks as though it will give me hours of enjoyment and I can only wonder at the work you (and Jill?) must put into it. With best wishes.
66 2148 9/6/98 - Alan Henbest, Bourne End, Bucks
Found the site through Signalling Record Society. Well done!
65 2109 9/6/98 - Bill Wright, Kentish Town, London
Excellent, really enjoyed web page - perhaps I might learn something about signalling (perhaps!). Anyway John, congratulations on a well put together and interesting web site. Bill W.
64 2048 9/6/98 - Brian Whitehouse
63 1436 7/6/98 - Paul Garrett, Bishops Stortford, Herts
I only found this site as it was referred to in a link from an Australian server, ; I've only just come on to the net and it's refreshing to see pages such as this featuring. You've worked hard and I shall bring a couple of my mates round for a look. Well done!
62 2223 1/6/98 - Keith Stevenson, Blackpool, Lancs
Love the site - Informative, entertaining, helpful diagrams. Already added to my list of favourites!
61 1819 31/5/98 - Terry Fox, Johannesburg, South Africa
A very interesting and informative site. Good work!
60 1246 30/5/98 - Robert Bremner, Pymble, Australia
Wow. Someone has sure done a lot of work and should be congratulated. As a someone with a passion for signalling, I am excited to have found this site via a another railway friend of mine. I look forward to seeing it develop.
59 1117 30/5/98 - Sachin P Keshavan, Thrissur, Kerala, India
This is a wonderful site. I come from a country which has one of the largest railway networks. I was always curious about the signalling procedures, and finally I managed to learn them a bit. The block instrument in our place is quite similar, but it has phones and the signal speak with each other instead of bells. The semaphore signals have the same format as of the British. But you have not mentioned any thing about the Neels Token block system and stuff. In India in some lines they still use the token blocking. It is real fun to see the token being passed to the driver in a tennis racket like thing. Keep up the good work.
58 0212 30/5/98 - Frank Garon, Perth Amboy, NJ, USA
Nice site!
57 1928 29/5/98 - Ian Hughes, Wallsend, Nth Tyneside - Email:
Brilliant site, found by accident, will be taking time to look around it. Nothing to do with the Railway now, but my last box was Rhondda Fach Junction South Box, which was a beautifull 75 lever Mackenzie and Holland box Built for the Taff Vale Railway in 1912. Controlling the South junction at Porth Rhondda, until resignalling in 1986. Ah well all good things come to ann end, but keep up the good work. I would be interested to correspond with any body with a signalling or Railway interest. Best Regards Ian.
56 1649 29/5/98 - Bob Wright, Merak, West Java, Indonesia
Well John, 1,000 movements (10:30pm West Java time - 29/5/98) in just two months. Something many a Branch Line would have been proud of in their day. Keep 'em coming.
55 1409 29/5/98 - David Moore, Lowdham, Notts - Email:
Found this site in 'Branch Line News'. I am helping with a project to restore the Nottingham London Road Goods Yard signal box to working order as a 'hands-on' museum box at Ruddington (GCR). If you are interested, email me at
54 0912 26/5/98 - Glenn Cumming, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Congratulations on your efforts. A great site to visit. I will be back.
53 0816 26/5/98 - Anthony Tubbs, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
Hi there Great site. I used to work as a signalman for BR (LMR) in the early 1980's.
52 0014 24/5/98 - Graeme Skeet, Fort Collins, U.S.A.
I think you have a great site and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am an Australian who is living in the U.S. but also spent 9 years living in England. Signalling has been a hobby since 10 years old (now 44) and I have "worked" boxes in Australia, Britain and Germany Keep up the good work!
51 2314 23/5/98 - Chris Bellett, Plymouth, Devon
Nice to see something sensible and interesting on the Web!

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