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150 2245 4/11/98 - Derek Weldon, San Jose, California, USA
Good site. I was a signal electrician on Irish Rail 11 years ago. Now work for Amtrak mostly on old Southern Pacific territory. Enjoyed the feature on ABS.
149 1907 3/11/98 - David Lyas, Stowmarket, Suffolk
Thank you for a very interesting web site. I very much enjoyed reading it. Being a signalling enthusiast, I read virtually all the pages and very much enjoyed the Reedham Junction picture - I had wished I could see the Tokenless block instrument. Can you possibly add some information on Radio Electronic Token Block please? There does not seem to be very much information available on the subject. Many thanks.
148 1030 3/11/98 - Darwin Smith, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Very interesting and well presented. Helps to make up for the great lack of good railway history related material on the internet.
147 0001 3/11/98 - Richard D Athey, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Have been looking for photos of singal towers to make models for my model railway. Thank you.
146 0725 2/11/98 - Bill Morran, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Great site . Will help with my attempt at building an N Gauge British Outline Model Railroad. Thanks.
145 1352 30/10/98 - Andrew Hook, Bristol, Avon
As I'm a signalman (at Didcot, GWS) I don't think I've infringed the Rules....;-) I've only just found this page - I'll be back soon.
144 0319 30/10/98 - Francis Parker, Muncie, Indiana, USA
Great! As a volunteer engineer on two American tourist lines, I've long been fascinated by the complications of British mechanical signaling. Your descriptions are the best I've seen. Looking forward to description of single-line working, and of how two boxes at opposite ends of larger stations work together.
143 2207 29/10/98 - John Divine, Brighton, East Sussex
Sussex I found this site whilst waiting at the Outer Home! I am a signalman on the Bluebell Railway and I see that one of my colleagues has been here too. Also a member of the Signalling Record Society who may be able to help with the list of signal boxes someone else was asking about. However I am a Permanent Way Engineer by profession! Good site - keep it up! 2-1
142 2018 27/10/98 - Peter Hayes, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Ex Leeds Yorks. Remember the 40s and early 50s. Enjoy your web site. Can still remember York in the manual days and the G.N. somersaults at Doncaster. Holbeck was my old stopping grounds. All the best. Peter
141 0812 26/10/98 - Daryl Dedman, Sunshine, Melbourne, Australia
I am a Locomotive Driver with V/Line Passenger Div. in Victoria and instructed new Drivers in all aspects of signalling. The information on this site would have been an immense help 15 years ago.
140 2139 25/10/98 - Gary Murphy, New Romney, Kent
Very interesting site. Having worked at most of the mechanical boxes, power boxes and the Integrated Control Centre in Kent and East Sussex, it is interesting to see places that have long since been demolished or revisit sites that are still there. I did not realise that there would be such a comprehensive site on this subject on the internet. Well Done!!! S&T Signal Manager Ashford (Soon to Move to Faversham. Another Re-org!!)
139 1945 25/10/98 - Alan Cox, Belper, Derbyshire
Great Site. However I tried to connect to the Washford Site (see Special Notices) and got a message that the page does not exist!
138 1700 25/10/98 - Brian Gregory, Runcorn, Cheshire
A much needed addition to the www Very good. Please keep up the good work
137 2108 24/10/98 - Rob Lorton, Birmingham, West Midlands
Excellent site! Very interesting and informative. Dead useful having recently attended safety & shunting courses at East Lancs. Rly. Good site layout too, very user friendly and easily navigated. Well done.
136 2331 21/10/98 - Howard Armstrong, Bury, Lancs
I work for East Lancashire Railway, Bury. My father joined the L&Y Rly in 1920. I am Secretary of the North Manchester Railway Society, based in Bury. Called by chance. I will return as it seems a great place!
135 1255 20/10/98 - Ralph Daniel (Shakespeare Juni, Eastleigh, Hants
An interesting site, the children enjoyed it. Please remember me to Bill Tyndall
134 1211 20/10/98 - Dave Rogers, Ipswich, Suffolk
A fascinating site which answers quite a few questions I've had for years.
133 1205 20/10/98 - Bill Tyndall, Romsey, Hants.
I have just shown the site to a friend. He is a member of the T.R.P.S.
132 2136 18/10/98 - Derek Wild, Keighley, West Yorks.
Excellent. Best site to date regarding signalling. Keep them coming especially details on specific boxes
131 2017 18/10/98 - Peter Richards, Haywards Heath, Sussex
First impression - very good! Haven't looked at all of it yet but, as you say, must sign and maintain the tradition, especially as I am a signalman on the Bluebell. David Clements asked for a listing of all operational boxes - I have seen a publication giving just that information but, sorry, can't remember what it is called! It would, unfortunately, be hard to keep it up-to-date. One suggestion, how about adding URLs of those signing your TRB, where there is one?
130 1456 16/10/98 - Thomas Bretscher, Winterthur (Zuerich), Switzerland
Very interesting, this detailed description of UK's railway signals. There are some fundamental differences to Swiss railways, which I know quite well!
129 2033 15/10/98 - Simon Hanney, Bournemouth, Dorset
I am the youngest signalman on the Swanage Railway, currently fully passed out for Swanage Box. I am currently studying at Writtle College (near Chelmsford). An excellent read, gave me a chance to "brush up on my rules and regs", hope to "Stop and Examine" (7 bells) the site again soon.
128 0847 15/10/98 - Linsey Hoffmann, Tahmoor, Australia
127 2309 13/10/98 - Peter Nurse, Cannington, Somerset
A friendly, informative site. I've been a volunteer signalman on the West Somerset Railway for three years now. It's great to find a site that adds to my knowledge.
126 2159 13/10/98 - R J Batchelor, Grantham, Lincs.
Enjoyed the visit. Thanks for the cuppa !. Keep up the good work
125 1824 12/10/98 - Cor de Jong, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Very good site, I'm interested in the GWR signalling, and building a GWR model railway in 7mm with working GWR signals. Member of the Gauge 0 guild (11452). Greetings.
124 0745 10/10/98 - David Clements, Norwich, Norfolk
Fantastic Site. A listing of operational signalboxes might be an idea?
123 2155 4/10/98 - Pope, Australia
Most interesting
122 1621 4/10/98 - Paul Critchley, Tuffley, Glos.
Very good
121 0545 3/10/98 - Jeff Stine, Agoura Hills, Los Angeles, USA
Hello! I have always had an interest in railway signals, especially semaphores. I belong to a organization here in U.S. that has a newsletter devoted to railway signals. This newsletter has written articles as well as pictures of signals. also I am interested in safety devices. Sincerely!
120 2312 27/9/98 - Stuart Maclean, Reading, Berks.
Excellent site. I thought I knew a bit about signalling, but there are obviously many more hours of study to do yet!
119 1926 21/9/98 - Alex Knapton, Salisbury, Wilts.
Thanks. A thoroughly enjoyable, well laid out website with a decent theme for once!
118 1213 21/9/98 - Kevin Tether, Stourbridge, West Midlands
A very 'GOOD' find for a humble beginner at 'surfing'! I've read the book, now I'll read the site! GOOD LUCK! This all entered BEFORE I've looked at the site. I know, from all the comments from the other signallers, that I will not be disappointed. I'll be back! and on 24/9/98: Just updating. I've read many of the pages on your site and find them most informative. I particularly liked the puns. Having said that, I'm OFF !
117 0320 20/9/98 - Martin Sheppard, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
As a new boy to the Web, I couldn't have asked for anything better - does anyone else have yours installed as their home page? I'm just an ordinary type with a house full of block bells and the branch starter removed from Aynho Junction in 1992 lying down the side of my house... Any handy hints on re-erecting it gratefully received! Keep up the good work.
116 0235 14/9/98 - Ned Guyette, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
What a magnificent web site !!! I am becoming interested in railway modeling after a hiatus of 25 years , by way of my 3 year old son. I've become extremely interested in the British prototype and have started building several Parkside Dundas kits in o-gauge and have also been ordering tons of British catalogs including signaling kits and am enthralled to find your site, as it is very difficult to find this type of info in the USA. I shall return again and again !!
115 0030 12/9/98 - Dean Johnson, Ladysmith, Wisconsin, USA
Just wanted to say Hello. I'm a signal Tech. for the Wisconsin Central LTD. Looks like a lot of info so best get at it. Later Dean
114 1625 11/9/98 - Peter Jordan, Birmingham, UK
Just got on line (ding ding)
113 1542 11/9/98 - Hector Tilley, Leopold, Australia
Ex Railway Signalman interested in all other railway systems and signalling.
112 1914 8/9/98 - Steven Booth, Clevedon, Somerset
Just called by chance and will call again
111 0320 7/9/98 - Dale A. DeVene Jr., Wharton, Ohio, USA
What an wonderful site! Very interesting and some great shots of towers, pardon my use of the word tower, as a former operator on the C&O in Ohio, towers they are. Give me time and I'll get it right yet! I located your site via Peter Thompson's new site that I helped provided information for on towers in Ohio. It's great to see all of this information preserved photographically and in written word. Great job! Keep up the good work!!
110 0112 5/9/98 - Michael Whatley, Lovedean, Hants
I am a signalman at Havant, Hants
109 0855 4/9/98 - Tony Kociuba, Jerrabomberra, Australia
Very interesting site. My main hobby is modelling interlocking machines in 12 inch to foot scale, or 1 inch to foot scale.
108 0240 28/8/98 - Neville Parry, Beaver PA (Nr Pittsburgh), USA
Came upon the site while browsing the HMRS site. A, building a British prototype layout over here, on which I want to have working semaphore signals
107 2026 27/8/98 - Alan Jones, Railtrack, Midlands Zone
Some good interesting stuff - hope to see it grow
106 1755 26/8/98 - Bert Reinders, Amsterdam, Holland
Highly interesting all that English stuff.
105 2155 24/8/98 - S. H. Karlson, DeKalb, Illinois, USA
Have all first class trains arrived and left?
104 1609 21/8/98 - Peter Whatley, Paris, France
Absolutely splendid! I found the site from SIAM simulation's link. FYI, I am an ex-BR Traffic Inspector. I have worked in the computer industry for some years and - for amusement - write UK signalling situations for the US-origin Train Dispatcher software system.
103 1923 19/8/98 - Dave Byrom, Manchester, UK
Signaller Man North
102 0037 19/8/98 - Andrew Phillips, London, U.K
A very interesting site, As a signalman I enjoyed browsing the site. Its makes a change from all the IECC boxes!!
101 1411 18/8/98 - Iain Russell Browning, Livingston, West Lothian
I've just found your Website through the SIAM link. Wow, takes ne back to swotting the rules for real in the 70's when I got vacational work at Nitshill and Pollokshaws South on the old GB+K line from Glasgow to Kilmarnock. Well done, John. You deserve a medal. If we can't enjoy the real thing, anymore, this is as close as you can get to Virtual Reality. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

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