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200 1627 12/1/99 - Tony Gatt, Fairfield, Victoria, Australia
Absolutely sensational. Very well done. So nice to see that the spirit of signalling has been preserved on your web page.
199 1118 11/1/98 - Mick Knox
I may have a few pictures of signalboxes for you lisy, i.e. St James Deeping, Langham Jn, Acton Wells Jn, Acton Canal Wharf, Dudding Hill Jn. When I have the time to find them. From relief signaller Willesden High Level Jn.
198 2323 9/1/99 - Roger Howell, Melbourne, Australia
My first visit but it will not be my last. Indicative of the help that can be found on the net for Modellers of British Prototype who can not get in the car and visit a particular site to research a particular piece of information.
197 1231 7/1/99 - David H. Hamley, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, USA
I've been a signal engineer for nearly 40 years, working for Union Switch & Signal Co. (USA) and now for Adtranz (North America). I'll learn a lot from your site, I'm certain. I visit UK once or twice a year on business, usually at Stansted Airport.
196 1227 7/1/99 - Ken Ashman, Hamilton, New Zealand
Wonderful Site. Am a Signalling Technician with Tranz Rail based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Member of Signalling Record Society and associate member of IRSE.
195 1815 6/1/99 - Geoff
Unique Site!
194 1236 6/1/99 - Chris Lawson, Sheriff Hutton, North Yorks.
Have yet to explore but I have no doubt this will be a site I return to again and again. Will add comments in due course should I have any Thank you for thinking of and putting together this site.
193 2137 4/1/99 - Stuart Nottingham, Norwich, Norfolk
A very interesting site!
192 2035 4/1/99 - Rob Cottrell, Horsham, West Sussex
Just found this great site. The use of lever numbers for navigation is great. I tried something similar for the pages for the Crawley Model Railway Society - see my website - but using ground signals. I haven't explored all your site but do you have or know of any ground signal pictures or clipart? Many thanks.
191 1135 3/1/99 - Robert Thrower, Crewe, Cheshire
Fantastic reference material for assisting me further develop the training material with which my company uses to train Train Drivers and Ops Staff in the UK. Very well laid out!!
190 2333 31/12/98 - Nick Hopkins, Horsley Woodhouse, Derbys.
I'm just here to look round - I'll keep out of your way. Now, where've I heard that before!
189 2205 31/10/98 - Bruce J. Breeman, Beachwood, New Jersey, Ocean Cty USA
Very Interesting
188 2218 30/12/98 - Gary Bevan, Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia
Always been fascinated by railways but could never find an easy to understand description of signalling systems. Grew up near the Port Kembla Steel Works and often had a chance to visit various signal boxes as a child but could never understand the subtleties of the systems. This is a great place to learn. Thanks a lot
187 1318 29/12/98 - Randy J. Rogers, Dallas, TX, USA
I am a signal maintainer for DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Light Rail system. Prior to this I worked for Southern Pacific Transportation Co. for 18 years. I am looking for good rail signal sites and this certainly is interesting. If anyone knows of any technical sites, please e-mail me. I am particularly interested in USA rail sites. Regards.
186 2342 27/12/98 - Richard Davies, Plymouth, Devon
A site to which I shall return again and again. Been interested in signalling for several years, since early retirement volunteer signalman on the South Devon Railway. Very good site! Will write again. Happy New Year to All!
185 1939 26/12/98 - Colin Skinner, Knaresborough, North Yorks
As a signalman I found this very interesting. Starbeck S/B.
184 1321 26/12/98 - Pete Saunders
Left BR in 1965 - finished up as special class relief signalman but have never lost interest. Excellent site
183 2005 25/12/98 - Danny Goodrum, Southery, Norfolk
Will come back to this site again and again. I am a Railwayman of 27 years and have spent my whole career in signalling and train operations. Lovely to look back to the Old Railway and the way it was done mechanically (the proper way) using your brain and brawn rather than buttons. Keep up the good work. 2-1 Train Out.
182 1455 20/12/98 - Jon Bryce, Chatteris, Cambs.
Visited looking for info on LUL signalling.
181 1937 19/12/98 - Rob Daniels, Lancaster, Lancs.
An absolute godsend! There are not enough signalling websites at the mo, but this is superb. Am a Signal & Telegraph fitter on the North Yorkshire Moors. Nice to see Walnut Tree and Llandaff since I used to work those and seven others while I was at Uni in Cardiff.
180 1005 18/12/98 - David J Barney, Deception Bay, Queensland. Australia
Only just found the site - looks interesting
179 0731 17/12/98 - Jim Graham, Hobart, Australia
A very informative site, I am always interested in signalling systems around the world. Have travelled in India which still have some gems, especially old tablets and staffs. Well done.
178 2159 15/12/98 - Michael Bland, Reading, formerly Berkshire
177 1741 15/12/98 - Robert B. Hio, Tuolumne, California, USA
I've been employes as a Signalman on the B&M as well as general Railway signal co. for 45 years and find your web site extremely interesting.
176 1557 13/12/98 - Dave Enefer, Grimsby, Lincs.
Excellent site
175 1130 12/12/98 - "Melton Lane", Hull, East Yorkshire
174 1804 9/12/98 - Richard Ollis, Olney, Bucks.
This is brilliant. I have had to bookmark the site and promise myself to come back again. Signalling has always been a great interest of mine and this is a great resource to work from.
173 1338 9/12/98 - Alan Norris, Aith, Shetland
Site recommended to me by Alan Johnston. Its very impressive! I'm afraid I'm a bit far away from any railways up here, so will have to make do with "virtual" ones!
172 2102 8/12/98 - Tony Hopkins, Dublin, Ireland
Beautifully put-together site - very comprehensive and fascinating
171 1627 6/12/98 - Ross Hamilton, Birmingham, UK
Excellent site; information contained has helped me as a Guard (sorry, Senior Conductor) on a nameless TOC explain the entire concept of Absolute Block signalling to one of our staff who is about to go for driver training. Keep up the good work!
170 0724 1/12/98 - Ian Watson, Sandy, Beds.
I note that John Hinson produced the photo of St Neots 'box. Did he have any connection with Bedford?
169 2250 29/11/98 - Michael Narduzzo, Tring, Herts.
\\\/ \ \/\ /\// //\ /// /// /\\ \\\ \\ / \ \/// /// \\\\ /\. \\ \// \/ \\\ \/ // \/ \\\ \ /\\ \/ \\\ / \\\\ \ \\\\ /// // \ \//\ \/ //\ \ /// \//\ \ /\ \ /\\ \/ /\ /\\ \\\ // \\ \/\\ \ /\\ \/ \\\ // /// \/\ \ \//\ \/ //\ \ \\\ \/\ \ \\\/ \ \/ \/\\ \ /\\ / \\\\ \ // \\\ \ \/\\ \\\/ \ \\\. \// \ \/\\ \/\\ /\\ /// /\ \. // \\ /\/ \.
168 2111 29/11/98 - Eric Penn, West Molesey, Surrey
Been recommended - just found it!!
167 2134 28/11/98 - Rick Hutchinson, Hastings, East Sussex
Great site, glad I steamed in, I am a ground shunter throwing points at Morden Depot, Surrey, and I am very interested in becoming a signalman in the future and find your site very interesting with lots of history and informative knowledge I can see myself coming back here time and time again, thanks for your great work keep it up, well thanks again.
166 1945 28/11/98 - Ami Melter, Tel Aviv, Israel
Very educative and interesting !
165 1958 27/11/98 - Paul Harper
A web site well commissioned!!
164 1434 27/11/98 - Roland Doe, Aldershot, Hants.
A very interesting site, wish I had found it before.
163 2341 25/11/98 - Tony Brown, London, UK
Most interesting - I've bookmarked this to re-visit when I've more time. Keep up the good work!
162 0041 25/11/98 - Adrian Munns, Rochford, Essex
New to the web and looking for a contact point for the Signalling Record Society. I was very impressed with your site. When I get an email address I will return meanwhile pop on the collar!
161 1518 21/11/98 - David Lander, Mansfield, Notts.
As a trainee signalman the pages are interesting, I have read a few and will call again
160 1146 20/11/98 - Andrew Astles, Cambridge, Cambs.
Excellent! I am a collector of signalling equipment and this site helps with some of the history. I have a keen interest in signalling in the USA having lived there for a short time. I have recently returned from North Queensland and the signalling there is like stepping back in time to the 1900's. Some very useful links on this site. There are a LOT of people who have signalling interests, keep up the good work.
159 0238 20/11/98 - D.K. "Doug" Howard, Brookings, Oregon, USA
A delightful, informative site. Want to learn more about Caledonian and North British bell codes. Now I have a place to start!
158 1247 19/11/98 - John Tempest, Bradford, Yorks.
An informative and well designed site, which has persuaded me to join the Signalling Record Society. I am a retired BT engineering manager, and have always had an interest in the technological side of railway operation and signalling in particular. Very interested to get an accurate signalling diagram of Leeds station area, and am interested in the proposed changes at Leeds.
157 2110 16/11/98 - Adrian Browne, Grantham, Lincs
Nice Site. Very Useful
156 2153 15/11/98 - The Laze & Bone Idel Brothers
Great website - lots to get information on
155 2136 14/11/98 - Charles Holdaway, York, Yorks
Absolutely brilliant, I could stay here all night! But for now I have saved as a favourite and shall return later. I really liked the signal box details. Too much to take in.
154 0001 12/11/98 - Ian McNamara, Warrington, Cheshire
Just stopped by for a quick TCB Reg 9 of your most interesting site. I am a relief signaller based at Huyton in Merseyside. After reading your guestbook, I saw an entry from Dave Byrom from Manchester North, how's it going Dave? Remember me, Ian from Warrington Central, when you used to work Glazebrook?
153 0238 10/11/98 - Chris King, Ferntree Gully, (Near Melbourne) Australia
This is very interesting I will call back to this site later from my home address. (and later) I have had a longer look at the site. There is a lot of info here. This will be a nostalgia trip for me after being brought up in signalling profession
152 1309 8/11/98 - Railurophobe
Like the cream colour! See the Railcar for a description of a railurophobe. Frank told me to have a lookey see at your site. Rule71 a has been infringed in this house: if I catch him using my e-mail address again he's history! Frank claims Rule 75 allows this - I don't know and don't want to know what it is, but it won't wear!!
151 0830 7/11/98 - Frank Nicholas

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