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250 1749 7/3/99 - Paul, Derbyshire
249 1649 7/3/99 - Ian Davey, Guildford, Surrey
248 1110 7/3/99 - Dave Clifford, Whitby, Durham, Canada
Interesting Web Site! Thanks for having me.
247 2333 6/3/99 - Jonathan Tillib, Belper, Derbyshire
I came to the site by way of a US link. My own interest in mechanical signalling is high and I still get to test the occasional frame (see pic on my business site). I am a GW man stranded in upper quadrant territory!
246 2008 5/3/99 - John Morris, Lichfield, Staffs
Ex Signalman Lichfield TV. Brilliant site.
245 1235 5/3/99 - Peter, Sydney, Australia
Thanks for a really good site, McKenzie & Holland sold a lot of signalling equipment here in my state of New South Wales to our then NSWGR.
244 1814 4/3/99 - David Hibberd, Falmouth, Cornwall
243 2236 1/3/99 - Jim Britcliffe, Crewe, Cheshire
Great site! I am currently Safety Training Manager for Railtrack North West. I shall recommend your site to OTC students who are connected! SGI 22 being used for this site!
242 0050 28/2/99 - Michael Andrew, Ferndale, Rhondda Cynon Taff
Many interesting things in this site, will certainly visit again
241 1737 25/2/99 - Bill Wise, Lichfield, Staffordshire
This is indeed a very comprehensive website. Just like reading the "Block Book". Keep up the good work. Sorry about the delay in "signing" the TR. Alan Jones is my boss and he says I must sign it!! So I have.
240 2331 24/2/99 - Kenneth Butcher, Kelso, WA, USA
I am a Signal Maintainer for the BNSF Railroad in Washington State, USA. My area of interest is in signalling in other countries.
239 1519 23/2/99 - Jimmy Laide, Kerry, Ireland
238 0757 20/2/99 - Geoff Pember, Applecross, Perth, Western Australia
Ex Station Master / Assist / Night and Locomotive Driver Western Australian Government Railways @ National Rail.
237 1933 17/2/99 - Desmond Elder, Comber, Co. Down
Still some nice somersault semaphores on NIR, but very sparse. Only Portrush still has them, and perhaps Castlerock.
236 1950 15/2/99 - Wendy Tipping, Birmingham, West Midlands
Recommended by my boss Alan Jones. Very good, will come back again.
235 1204 15/2/99 - Ian Hutchinson, Potchefstroom, South Africa
An excellent site and very professionally put together. It is going to take many lunch times to work my way through it. Thanks a lot - very entertaining and informative
234 2310 14/2/99 - Andy Mabbett, Birmingham
Great site, thanks!
233 2216 13/2/99 - Paul Hepworth, York, Yorks
I am an ex-BR Signal Engineering designer. My former BR office in York is now owned by Westinghouse Signals. We still have the expertise to design and test alterations to a range of mechanical interlockings, using CAD or traditional drawing methods. We can also produce signal box track circuit diagrams.
232 1526 13/2/99 - Grant W. Kern, Soulsbyville,, California, USA
Looks great, keep it up
231 2010 10/2/99 - John Allen, Harlow, Essex
Found your web site while browsing railway pages. Very interesting.
230 0344 9/2/99 - Chris Dobson, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
Great site, look forward to calling back soon.
229 1109 7/2/99 - Marcel Vos, Amersfoort, Holland
Great site, I'll use it for improving the English terminology on my own site on signalling at Museumstoomtram Hoorn-Medemblik (NL)
228 1939 6/2/99 - Peter Woodbridge, Reading, Berks
Today was the first day I have an internet connection. Was determined to visit your site following a recommendation last summer from a signalman at Manchester North (Salford Crescent) where I was a signalling tester. I am rather happier with IECC and SSI than mechanical boxes but I will test them as fringes to newer signalling centres provided there's no mechanical alteration. Hope to learn a lot from your site though.
227 1655 6/2/99 - Brian Wainwright, Bury, Lancs
A really useful and interesting site that has gone straight onto my "Favourites"
226 1212 6/2/99 - Ross (Goldie) Goldspink, Brisbane, Australia
225 2017 4/2/99 - Michael Byng, Coleshill, West Midlands.
A useful site for my research for an O Gauge Garden Railway based on LNWR & MR practice.
224 1732 3/2/99 - Reynolt dde Vos van Steenwijk, Edinburgh, Lothian - Email:
The Signal Box is a great site! I am a 4th year electronic engineering undergraduate at Edinburgh University and am starting my dissertation on Railroad Signalling. Finding this site was a blessing. Anybody out there think they can give me a few pointers? Please email me...
223 0021 1/2/99 - Chris Wright, Tipton, West Midlands
An excellent site. Very interesting.
222 1522 31/1/99 - Stephen Carter, Coalbrookdale, Salop
Like what I've seen so far. Once upon a time I was Signal Engineering Supervisor at Rugby PSB. (Left 1975)
221 1129 30/1/99 - Sunil Rodger, Cambridge, Cambs
Nice site, please keep up the good work.
220 0311 30/11/99 - George Harrison, Orillia, Ontario, Canada - Email:
From an old manual lever dinosaur, let me say that this is an incredible website done with great dedication with the oft-neglected importance of the signalman specifically in mind and a lot of credit to you John and thanks.
219 0954 29/1/99 - Jagrut Gandhi, Baroda, India
This is a wonderful site. I never knew that I can get information about signalling on Internet. I am an Electronic Engineer working with Signalling division of Daimler-Chrysler Railway Systems Ltd, (previously it was ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation (India) Ltd, ADtranz).
218 1900 27/1/99 - Robin Fletcher, March, Cambs
I'm a Relief Signalman at March and received 7 bells for your website. After a full examination I can confirm it is excellent. I shall return soon.
217 0523 26/1/99 - Edward K Adams, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
216 2247 25/1/99 - Paul Hepworth, York, Yorks
Westinghouse Signals, York.
215 2132 23/1/99 - Nick Allsop, Uttoxeter, Staffs
Just visiting this address, very interesting stuff, regards from Derby PSB, the North and South Staffs lines.
214 2038 23/1/99 - Mike Traynar, Newbury, Berks
A current strand of interest is signalling inspired by standing on a footbridge and watching a HST pass by underneath and then seeing the signal change from green to red as soon as the trailing engine passed the signal. It was a thrilling experience and it wasn't even a steam train
213 0322 23/1/99 - Rick Cole, Sydney, Australia
Top Stuff
212 2133 20/1/99 - Matthew Bendell, Lincoln, Lincs
I used to work as relief at Acton Canal Wharf and now I work in Peterborough. P.S. Good site!!
211 1157 20/1/99 - F.Nicholas
Revisiting the site yet again. Absolute gem. Will buy a season ticket one day.
210 1535 19/1/99 - George Reeve, Enfield, Middx
I thought the site looked extremely attractive but more importantly it was easy to load.
209 0841 19/1/99 - David Langley, Avenel, Victoria, Australia.
I have visited this site on a number of occasions but have neglected to sign the register. In fact I emailed you very early on about something or another. I am signing this time because I fear that I will not be let back into New Zealand if I don't - so I have. Thankyou John, keep up the site it's looking better every time I visit.
208 0137 18/1/99 - Nicholas Crosby, Jakarta, Indonesia
Very informative web site. Any ideas where I can get access to signal arrangements for specific stations in the UK?
207 0015 18/1/99 - Ken Millward, Stockport, Cheshire
Just gone online yesterday. Lucky to have found you so soon.Be in touch again soon.
206 1556 16/1/99 - Magnus Eriksson, Sundsvall, Sweden
I have had a nice time looking at your Signal box. I am interested in British railways, and this kind of information is hard to get in Sweden. Sure I ll put in in my bookmarks!
205 2243 15/1/99 - Don Newing, Belper, Derbyshire
Stumbled on your site tonight via a link in Australia! Most interesting. I'll be back. I'm a member of the IRSE & work for Michael Hamlyn Associates in Derby.
204 1919 13/1/99 - Dave Hughes, Birmingham, West Midlands
Great page, especially the software downloads. Not enough L&Y, but hey, I'm biased.
203 0232 13/1/99 - Eddy Hurley, Railtrack Midlands
Recommended by a friend, found interesting, will visit again, again & again!
202 2346 12/1/99 - Mike Drew, Melbourne, Australia
Been recommended. Will look in again for a deeper in depth visit. Put it in my book marks.
201 2153 12/1/99 - Revd. Mike Page-Chestney, Blyton, Lincs.
Great fun, lots of useful information. Definitely going in my favourites list

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