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300 1842 2/5/99 - Matthew Gibbs (Signalman Knare, Knaresborough, N Yorks
Very interesting site about the good old traditions of British railway practice. I still use the good old frame at Knaresborough Station Signalbox and the Tyers No9 Token instrument, there's nothing like the crashing of levers and the 'ting' of the call attention on the block bell, much more atmospheric than these modern portakabins.
299 1746 1/5/99 - Roger Phelps, Gloucestershire
298 1142 30/4/99 - Graham Clarke, Devon
More illustrations of mechanical interlocking in situ would be nice, but extremly good - well done!
297 0648 29/4/99 - Subhasis Ganguly, Bhubaneswar(Orissa), India
I am the Chief Signal &Telecommunication Engineer of The East Coast Railway, a newly formed zone of the Indian Railways.I enjoyed your site immensely and look forward to more'
296 2209 26/4/99 - David Ingham, Bury, Lancs - Email:
Anyone with wishing to exchange any information reguarding signal boxes of the former Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway system please get in touch. I am currently working at Crow Nest Junction signal box for Railtrack
295 0407 25/4/99 - David Kerridge, Beverly Hills, Sydney
Your site is very helpful. I'm currently planning to model a section of line on the East Coast of Britain between Grantshouse and Dunbar c. 1938. I want the signals to be as true to the prototype as possible. I'll be coming back regularly to check out details. Thank you.
294 1043 24/4/99 - Jenny Recardo, Redditch, Worcs
I never did understand signals but I do now What a usefull and well laid out site
293 0813 23/4/99 - Slash, Sydenham, Australia
Just buffing out on where my future in signalling is going
292 0441 23/4/99 - Frank Archer, Brisbane, Australia
I was very pleased to see your site as I trained to be a signalman in York Yard North SB starting 1953, to see all your signal boxes was great. I have several B/W photos of York Yard signal boxes from the late 50s, I have No.1 Up Goods, No 2 Up Goods, No 1 Down, York Yard Sth, York Yard North. being on old 126 negatives they are not the best pics but I will be happy to scan them for you to add to your list if you so desire. My web site has not been updated, it was my first attempt at scanning and making a web page, but there are still pics in it.
291 1359 20/4/99 - Yiu Wah Wong, Hong Kong, China
Hello, I am very interest in the signalling system. Please give me any new information by e-mail.
290 1244 19/4/99 - Richard Lane, Temple Cloud (Bristolish), B&NES
Looking for info on Evans,O'Donnel, your site has helped me to link them to Westinghouse. Now to ask a favour from a friend who works for them!!! Cheers
289 0103 19/4/99 - Roger Bailey, Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire
urfed in from HMRS webpage. I have a garden railway and as yet no signals, but three signalboxes of GWR design. I shall return to your interesting site at a later date.
288 1058 17/4/99 - Les Lester, Melbourne, Australia
I thoroughly enjoy going back through this site many times, being an ex-patriate railfan previously living on the Thame branch of the GWR.
287 2331 16/4/99 - Kevin Prince, Bournemouth, Dorset
Very interesting. Just had my imagination fired by the Bobby at Moreton on Lugg so I thought I,d try and get some gen on TCB and AB as it went over my head at the time. Looks like I've a little reading to do now. thanks
286 1925 15/4/99 - Bob Rubie, Conwy, England
What a marvellous web page. I started my signalling career in 1965 on the South Eastern Division of BR, and also worked on the CD & SWD of BR. I still miss the crash of levers and the ringing of the block bells. You will be hearing from me, regarding the photos of signalboxes.
285 1553 12/4/99 - John Reaney, Kilburn, Belper, Derbyshire
I was just surfing the net to see if a friend of mine, Don Newing, had his own web site and the Signal Box came up. Since I'm a Model Railway enthusiast I thought I'd better sign in!
284 1620 5/4/99 - John Campbell, Kilwinning, Scotland
283 2335 4/4/99 - Doug Fennell, Coulsdon, Surrey
Excellent site, I read about it in The Signalling Record & will visit it again.
282 1750 4/4/99 - Terry Andrews, Willaston, Cheshire
Excellent content for anyone interested in signalling
281 1750 4/4/99 - Terry Andrews, Willaston, Cheshire
Excellent content for anyone interested in signalling
280 0131 4/4/99 - Anthony Starbuck, Melton Mowbray, Leics
Hi. From an ex-Signalman (1974-1979) on Midland Region main line, as a Relief Signalman (Leicester to Loughborough including up to Melton Mowbray on the Branch line toward Stamford and Peterborough). A good site. Keep up the good work. Bye...
279 2236 2/4/99 - David Rudderham, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire (Forme
Brilliant!!! Excellent!!!
278 0031 2/4/99 - Jon Dean, Leicester, Leics
Excellent site, much of interest
277 2354 1/4/99 - John Armitstead, York, Yorks
I haven't explored the whole site yet, but I've got it bookmarked for further visits. As a signalling engineer, I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.
276 2210 1/4/99 - Phil Swallow
275 1411 1/4/99 - Wolfgang, Meyenberg, Germany
A very interesting site, especially the operational aspects of British signalling. If you are interested in German signalling, just visit my site. Regards, Wolfgang
274 0233 1/4/99 - Terry Miliczky, Fort Wayne, Allen/USA
Outstanding website!! Finally there is a site out there that is dedicated to Signal Towers (interlocking towers to us here in the US). In this day of endless CTC and regional train dispatching, it's still nice to be able to (briefly) return to the days of the trian order and the system of manual block train operation! Thanks Again!
273 2237 30/3/99 - Alistair Hamilton, Rhosesmor, Nr. Mold, Flintshire
This really is a great site. The detail with which you have described these complex ssytems is superb, and you have answered many questions that I have not got around to asking yet. I am also very interested in the signalling systems used in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands (countries that I travel through often). Do you have any colleagues in any of those countries who have web sites I could have a look at? All the best, and thanks very much.
272 2059 30/3/99 - Paul Wilson, Coleford, Glos
Very good site, keep up the good work. I am a signalman on the Dean Forest Railway in Gloucestershire. I like the bell codes very good!!! Will visit again next week.
271 1045 28/3/99 - Tony Overton, Nottingham, Notts
270 0910 28/3/99 - Glen, Spreyton, Tasmania
Most interesting. will visit again. am building large model railway and have started looking into the realms of adding signals etc to the model. Your info will be most helpful. Regards.
269 1447 23/3/99 - Sandy Saunders, Worcester, Worcs
Worcester Tunnel Junc.
268 0537 22/3/99 - Fr.David F. Garretson, South River, New Jersey, USA
Excellent Site! As a GWR modeller (Devon 1930's) I am very impressed with the technical and artistic quality of your site. I am very interested to understand how the British practice of "Control" operated vis-a-vis the signal boxes i.e.: what happened when a train ran behind schedule in mainline block territory and how did they run "extra" trains. How did the American understanding of a central dispatcher operate in the age of the Big Four ? Any info would be appreciated, or better yet listing of a particular book I could order. Thanks for your help.
267 0409 22/3/99 - Jim Ley, Woodland, California, USA
I am a former Telegrapher/Towerman/Train Dispatcher for the Southern Pacific Railroad. I currently am a Locomotive Engineer for the Yolo Shortline Railroad. I also spent many years working as a Broadcast Radio Engineer, as well as an Industrial and Locomotive Electrician. Your site is very informative, nicely done and so far I've spent the better part of an evening looking around on yours and ones you've linked to. I am fascinated by railway signalling systems. I've added a link to this site on the railroad signalling page on my website.
266 2137 21/3/99 - Trevor Pott, Bristol, GWR
A most interesting set of screens which I shall visit again. Very well presented and understandable - something very important to someone who understands steam railways more than Web sites!
265 1320 21/3/99 - Bernard Mennell, Corsham, Wilts
Very impressed - I'll be back!
264 0007 21/3/99 - Paul Hepworth, York, Yorks
Pleased to see continuing world wide interest in this excellent site. I have plenty of time to view it at present, as I was made redundant a couple of weeks ago (by Westinghouse Signals!) Anyone want a signalling designer.........?
263 2220 19/3/99 - Bob Beer, Andover, Hants
Do you know what happened to the Signal Box from Redgate Mill Junction on the Eridge to Uckfield Line. The junction used to be for the Branch Line to Eastbourne. I know the branch line doesn't exist any more. My Grandfather used to be one of the Signalmen stationed there and lived in one of the railway cottages just across the field from the line.
262 0842 18/3/99 - Martin Gosney, Yate, Gloucestershire
261 2014 16/3/99 - John Oakley, Crewe, Cheshire
Great site to visit, always something new. I'm the Safety Compliance Manager for Railstaff (UK) Ltd and I really enjoy this as it brings up lots of useful information.
260 2332 15/3/99 - Patricia Hancock
Only had time for a quick look, but am impressed. Will come back again at the end of my shift. Yes! I am a Signaller!!
259 1934 14/3/99 - Tim Lockley, Lincoln
A cracking site, with something for everyone from neophyte to the terminally keen (Guilty). Well presented, and obviously knowledgeable. The explanation of the variety of sub arms is the best I've seen in any published source, and as a working GP reliefman I've seen a few. Straight in the 'favourites' file!
258 1951 13/3/99 - Steven Booth, Clevedon, Somerset
Good page
257 1745 13/3/99 - Alexander Seal, Topsham, Devon
I like the lever frame at the top of the page.
256 1204 13/3/99 - Jon Beeching, Canterbury, Kent
Good stuff and very accurate (I am a signaller at Canterbury West). You must come and have a pull of No 2 crossover sometime! Feel free to visit and play with my trainset anytime, the real thing is much better than Hornby!
255 2215 11/3/99 - Roger Bell, Snettisham, Norfolk
A great site. After many years of signalling interest - first box visit West Lynn in Feb 1959 - but no interest in computers, I think I am being converted at last-------
254 2302 9/3/99 - Adrian Webb, Ipswich, Suffolk
253 2148 9/3/99 - Simon Turner, Tewkesbury, Glos
The best railway-related site I have visited. Keep up the good work. Simon.
252 1146 9/3/99 - Roger J Mannion, Gt Dunmow, Essex
As a writer on steam locomotive engineering I am changing course and have just started a signalmen's course on the Colne Valley Railway - your site came just in time! Thanks! More power to your elbow.
251 2248 8/3/99 - Paul D. Taylor, Los Angeles, California, USA
Great website! I am a licensed communications tech for the BNSF Railway at Hobart Intermodal Yard in Los Angeles. Among my railroad interests is signalling practice both here and abroad so it is great to have a site like yours to come to. Unfortunately railroad signalling is a much ignored subject over here and it is almost impossible to find books on the subject, in fact the two books I have cone from England. Most of the information I have been able to get over here has been from my mates in the old Santa Fe signal dept. At present I am collecting all old signal manuals, track circuit diagrams and signal paraphernalia I can as the signal department disposes of it. The old Santa Fe is disappearing and I'm doing my part to preserve what I can. P.S. I visited your book store and it cost me 179 pounds sterling!

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