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3257 2016 23/2/13 - Harald M. Müller, Grafing, Bavaria, Germany
Great site, of course! One correction I'd like to see: On the museums and pubs page, Knittelfeld should be under heading "Austria" (it is in Styria in the south of Austria). Regards Harald
3256 1111 14/2/13 - Martyn Cross, Gosport, England
Good site, very interesting.
3255 2304 08/2/13 - Andy P, Devon
Excellent website, exceedingly interesting
3254 1816 07/2/13 - Leigh Johnson, Longfield, Kent
An excellent resource, for modellers and enginemen. Many thanks
3253 2301 02/2/13 - Neville Andrews, Leigh-on-Sea
Well laid out site with loads of information. Brilliant
3252 1849 22/1/13 - Teena Brown, Swanage
Excellent website, really well laid out. Have been to signal boxes many times but have never breached rules 72(a) or 55!!!!
3251 0241 19/1/13 - Rod Mackay, Barry
0240, working my last night turn in Aberthaw which closes at the end of next week.
3250 1227 18/1/13 - Neil Stuart, Haddenham, Bucks
Excellent site with lots of information for all enthusiasts.
3249 2345 16/1/13 - Anthony Sutton, Lichfield, England
Amazing information on a great site Will have to devoate a long long time to absorb all on offer on the site Great Stuff Anthony
3248 1916 13/1/13 - Ian Blair, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Very nice site. Well done!
3247 1501 12/1/13 - Andrew Nutter, earby, Lancashire
Very interesting site a lot of useful information
3246 1430 03/1/13 - Paul Bowman, Belfast, Down
I have enjoyed looking through this website and have learned a great deal from it. Much of it brings back memories of experiences in the past.
3245 1946 01/1/13 - Grover Cleveland, North California, USA
Fascinating site.
3244 1855 29/12/12 - Bob Logan, Whangarei, Northland., New Zealand
Looking for sigs , for NG railway, got lost, so must infringe Rule 72a. Retired NZGR Employee.
3243 1747 26/12/12 - Steve Crang, Bridgwater, England
As I've already infringed Rule 72a (which you allowed me to do by the way!) it would be rude not to comply with Rule 55 :-) Interesting and informative site for any heritage rail enthusiasts everywhere - thanks so much for the time you have clearly put in to this!
3242 1528 24/12/12 - Gray Mac, Castlebar, Ireland
Most useful resource, well presented.
3241 0159 23/12/12 - Brian Camp, West Mersea, England
Great site I am an ex LTSR Guard,lived in my young days by the GER Buntingford Branch, Where my love of railways started. Then spent alot of time at Knebworth ECML in 1962/3 would like some track plans, pure nostalgia.
3240 1721 22/12/12 - john corke, neston heshire, england
superb web site and very informative to a novice on signals as myself. Will continue it in the future for further information.
3239 2041 16/12/12 - Fabrizio Santoro, Lonate Pozzolo, Varese, Lombardy - Italy
Really interesting website! A lot of informations and a good selection of pictures!! I'll be glad to help you about Italian signals, I saw there are not a lot of pictures and explainations about our signalling!
3238 2311 13/12/12 - Robert Michel, Ashford, CT, USA
Originally from Sheffield.
3237 2140 07/12/12 - Dave Barnsdale, Lincoln
Love this Website,The Signal box has been part of my life since I was young lad.
3236 2027 03/12/12 - Bob Goodwin, Nantwich, England
railwayman from aug 1962 to april 2006 started at Rugby on S&T then worked on telecoms at Bedford, Rugby,Birmingham,Stafford,Crewe & Derby as supervisor.
3235 2118 01/12/12 - Brian McNaughton, Ashford, Kent
A super site.
3234 1355 24/11/12 - Trevor Lloyd-Lee, Marquette, Michigan., USA
This is an very informative site. I model BR (SR)in the 1950s in 3mm / ft scale and have used the infomation to understand semaphore signalling and get my signals working and correctly located. Thank you for all the hard work designing and upkeeping this web site.
3233 2140 17/11/12 - Brian Morgan, Luton, UK
Super web site with loads of useful information
3232 0918 17/11/12 - Anthony Rea, Canonbie, Scotland
Amazing resource! Found my favourite places: Lincoln(Pelham Road); Carlisle Citadel; Scarborough; and, Beattock!
3231 2342 01/11/12 - Andrew Martin, Ballarat Vic, Australia
Great website. Use you for research and reference all the time. Never be a railwayman, but come from a family of them and simply love signalling. Thank you for prviding such an excellent resource.
3230 0140 25/10/12 - Iain Martin, Dundee, Scotland
This is an excellent website for all things signalling! (I was very lucky to see inside Dunkeld signalbox in April 1990.)
3229 1454 18/10/12 - Richard Powderhill, Brum, Emgland!
Interesting on signalling, junctions etc. Keep updating!
3228 0739 15/10/12 - John Isherwood, Nottingham
Fascinating site. How we depend on all railway staff.
3227 2038 10/10/12 - Alistair Kewish, Ringstead, United Kingdom
Hello everyone, I am an ex-mechanical Signaller, based in a small box just outside Barrow-in-Furness. I worked at Askam Box between 1991-95 and can honestly say that there was rarely a dull moment all the time I was employed by BR later Network Rail. The added bonus was to handle steam specials for several seasons - in both directions. Thanks for providing this Register.
3226 0737 07/10/12 - Paul Seggie , Alexandra Hills, Queensland Australia
Very lucky to have worked in the 70s,80s 90s in Victoria.Large Levers Minature Thumb Switch Push Button and NX and Vdu Screens and a variety of Safe Working Systems nearlly all Reduntant
3225 0209 28/9/12 - steve partington, Langley B.C., Canada
Worked the afternoon shift many times, in 1959 with my older brother Ted.Who was signalman At the Withington and west didsbury signal box, Manchester.(see "disused stations")never signed rule 55, spent most of the time avoiding the station master, ha ha. Did log out with the 7. 5. 5. bell signal to the boxes up and down the line though.Right, Ill sign rule 55 now. Great web site by the way.
3224 0118 27/9/12 - Denny Wagstaffe, Wangaratta, Australia
Interesting Info - But I Looked at all bell signals asking if track clear? How do you answer yes or no ?
3223 1133 25/9/12 - Stephen Savage, Worcester
S & T Student Technician Engineer 1976 - 1982 BR Birmingham UK
3222 1327 11/9/12 - matthew sawyer, salisbury, uk
old school photo's take me back. fantastic
3220 1608 10/9/12 - Brian hammonds, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
Retired Driver, 47 years service at Saltley MPD.
3219 1446 09/9/12 - Jim Martin, Miltown Malbay, Ireland
Was a S&T trainee eng'r (Probationer) at Bletchley from 1963-1965 when WCML was being re-signalled for 25kV electification.The Area Engineer was A.E.Matthews, located at Rugby.
3218 1223 03/9/12 - Bahrain Tahir, Penang, Malaysia
An excellent site. Very informative and a great help to railwaymen all over the world to understand the history of railway and railway technology. Thank you and well done.
3216 1444 21/8/12 - Matt Smith, York, England
Absolute Block reasearch!
3214 1116 18/8/12 - JBDS WEBS, Crewe
excellent site well thought out
3213 1119 11/8/12 - John Haydn Davies , Perth , Western Australia
Hi to John Clake who I found after 40 years !
3212 1410 09/8/12 - jeffrey schackart, ft lauderdale, Florida
good historic information me = chicago & western indiana railroad leverman- state line tower..1979-1980 - me = indiana harbor belt railroad 1980-1985 8 tower system current: deputy sheriff - retired - florida
3210 0735 08/8/12 - Alex Hill, Bournemouth
Keep it up !!! Nice to see the old stuff such as layouts and pics of lines with signalboxes as it were then before being wiped up by so-called 'modernisation' Very worthwhile project called
3209 1516 02/8/12 - Katherine Kearns, Warmley, England
Thank you for such a valuable resource. I'm completing Listed Building Consent to fully restore the signal box at Warmley, Bristol and open it for the public to see inside. It's fantastic to find photographs of other signal boxes for me to compare with ours.

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