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3307 1417 26/10/13 - Norman Hill, Hitchin Herts., England
Well, yes, Rule 55 was THE rule for enginemen, wasn't it! Your site has been particularly valuable for me as I write up my memories of diesel days in the 1960s. I'm pretty sure that it must have been Bollo Lane(Road?) level crossing that we nearly demolished one afternoon in 1965 when the train became too much for old D5061 as we trundled from Ferme Park to Feltham. We rolled to a stand just in time, passing the home sig at danger in the process. If you can reply it would be useful to know if there are any other level crossings in this vicinity. Very grateful. Norman Hill.
Please join our forum for answers to questions like these - John
3306 2216 07/10/13 - Dennis Taylor, Paignton, UK
Found this site interesting Have been showing schoolchildren around the old signalbox at South Devon Railway Buckfastleigh I have some knowledge and understanding of how signalling works But this site is invaluable in explaining all the details I will suggest to the teachers they look here for an in depth experience for the kids. My old dad worked country crossing boxes(not GWR) which were normally in between main signal box sections in 1950s to 60s I used to visit him but never signed in to any book
3305 1129 04/10/13 - Dave , Thatcher, England
I did join the site a few years ago but due to changing ISP's a few times I was unable to get back on, so re-joined yesterday 03/10/13. I started out as a messenger in the Offices of Waterloo Stn' in 1961 (later at Worple Rd Wimbledon) Transferred to be a signal Lad at Gloucester Road Jnc' (Croydon/Selhurst/Norwood Jnc' area). First job as a fully fleged Signalman was at Crystal Palace "C" Box. from there I wennt to Leigham Jnc' (between Streatham Hill/Tulse Hill and West Norwood) I resigned for a period of about two years and re-joined, becoming a Porter at Hayes Stn' Kent...they wouldn't accept me straight back into the Signalling!! went on to become a signalman (after a short period or re-training) at Hayes. From there I ended up at Twickenham West Signal Box until just before the introduction of the new Signalling. I resigned for the last time, as I could see no future in that line of work as the promotional system was predominately on length of service, and only having a few years behind me, I felt I had no chance of progressing. Now retired, moved to the South Coast and living between Hastings and Winchelsea.
3304 1026 25/9/13 - Jallaludin bin Zainal Abidin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Educative.nostalgic.when young love to ride & see trains passed & the few remaiining semaphore towers left.
3303 0003 24/9/13 - David Chambers, Dublin, Ireland [Leinster]
Fascinating site. I love the feature on Belfast Great Victoria Street on the GNR(I)/ GNR(B) system. This is quite a clear and well laid out site.
3302 2236 25/8/13 - Robin Breddy, Retford, England
1E62 detained at T13 at 04.10. Very good educational site, brings back memories of my driving days.
3301 1326 18/8/13 - Robert Place, North Road Darlington, Durham
Refreshing to find such a well researched subject & clearly formed website, Thankyou.
3300 2250 15/8/13 - Alex Esdale, Bangor, -Down
Retired NIR Operations Manager. Operated Single Line Tablet Block Instruments at Portstewart in the 1940's. - Coleraine & Portrush on either side.
3299 1627 15/8/13 - Barry Keens, East Bridgford, UK
back again after a 3 year break. but now moved to England and can see some real signal boxes.
3298 0906 12/8/13 - Graham Bowring, York
Very interesting site especially the articles and photos. I often visited boxes in the Portsmouth area, where I lived in the 1970's. I knew George Pryer quite well then and helped him with the Southern Signals book. There's still plenty of mech boxes just now (Aug 2013) e.g. in Lincs. Keep up the good work.
3297 1018 03/8/13 - Mike Bland, Brighstone, Isle of Wight
Its sad to see the old type signal boxes have nearly all gone,I started my railway service in signalling back in 1959. My first signalbox was Epsom in surrey,I started as a box boy, My duties were writing up the train log, Cleaning the box. When you had been there some time the signalman used to let pull the levers, Then you work the frame when he had his meal. This was good training for when it was time for your first signalbox. Mine was Tattenham corner signalbox in surrey,Last time I saw it was a pile of bricks [sad] I left the railway in 1979 I was then relief signalman stationed at Victoria central in London, The reason I am writing in the train reg rule 55 is the last of the manual boxes goes 2014 on the London Brighton line with the closure of Lewes signalbox which I have very fond childhood memories.
3296 1034 01/8/13 - Clive Bamberger, Thetford, Uk
Site is full of good info . Particularly like the photo galleries
3295 1849 31/7/13 - John Hosker, Cheshire
Really informative site - definitely one to bookmark!
3294 1557 30/7/13 - Grahame Brind, King's Lynn, U K
An both interesting and useful site
3293 2258 27/7/13 - Neil Moxham, Pontefract, UK
Making a return visit. this time remembering to sign 'the book'
3292 2308 29/6/13 - Rob Bergmueller, Apex,, North Carolina
I enjoyed reading about Union Tower and seeing the track plan. I lived in Avenel, as seen on the track plan, and traveled on the Pennsylvania RR to NY City daily in 1971. We passed Union Tower daily but I had no idea of the control this tower had on the operations in the area. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Cheers!
3291 1928 26/6/13 - Steve Wood, Ashton under lyne, England
Good to read all the comments. website just as good as it always has been. things changing so much signalling wise but i will always be a Bobby.
3290 1520 22/6/13 - Brian Collins, Mold, Wales
I am building both a large 00 guage layout and a small shunting puzzle in N guage. Thanks for some very helpful information which I have bookmarked, so I will be back!
3289 2027 17/6/13 - Heatblizzard, Silverton Oregon, USA
Will you post what *backing signals* are? I was watching a Thomas the tank engine show about Percy (a tank engine) who was being cheeky thinking he knew everything about signals which the big engines decided to play a joke on Percy. They started to mention backing signals and asked if Percy knew what they meant and Percy replied he knew all about them so when the time came that Percy saw one he thought it meant to go backwards which is driver yelled "Stop you're going the wrong way!". Percy then told the driver what happened causing the driver to laugh and Percy to be embarrassed.
3288 1902 17/6/13 - Tristan Lockheart
Really good comprehensive website on signals, all it needs is more about colour light signals!
3287 1502 12/6/13 - Rod Payne
Great site - and especially good to see again those special signals at Worcester Shrub Hill which were outside my Telegraph Ofice when I worked there in 1963. Brought back great memories of linking the inter-box telephone bus lines on night shift so that the Droitwich line could tell tall tales all night to the guys on the Lickey line!!
3286 0346 12/6/13 - Michael Dexter, Howick, New Zealand
Enjoyed my visit once again.I have been away some time but always come around for a visit. Thanks, Michael
3285 1145 05/6/13 - Nick Tindall, Twyford, UK
Learned ABS working at Broughty Ferry in 1967 - good to see pix here. The box has been reconstructed on the up platform, but bears scant resemblance to what it looked like previously - I guess much of it is new, not original. Changing subject, for modelling purposes does anyone have dimensions and drawings for a Tyers No 6 instrument? Regards to all posters Nick Tindall
3284 1004 02/6/13 - Nigel Locke, Ipswich, UK
Great site thank you. Very useful as I am building a model of Long Melford Junction in Suffolk, where my Uncle Eric was signalman around the early 1960's.
3283 2104 26/5/13 - peter stokes, kidderminster, england
2011 signaling course.worked svr boxes.2013 signaling weekend(may,brignorth box,practical)reenterd 2013 ett course.great site.
3282 0212 21/5/13 - Michael Young, Florence, South Carolina, USA
Retired chairman of Clerks & Sleeping Car Porters labour unions on Amtrak (the US passenger rail system); ardent Anglophile who loves everything British; amateur railway historian who likes to compare US & UK operating practices. This great site offers a wealth of information! Cheers!
3281 1948 20/5/13 - Karl Bowden, Chatteris
Both my Granddads were signal men at Goonbarrow in Cornwall. I've just heard that Network Rail are closing all the old signal boxes and demolishing most of them. I used to live and work in Lostwithiel which is on the old GWR line, still using semaphore and mechanical switching, shame it's all going.
3280 1547 10/5/13 - Tim Pullan, Chichester, UK
Very interesting site. I was an apprentice in R &D at Westinghouse in the 1960's working on various signalling systems.
3279 0856 10/5/13 - Derek Talbot, Sheffield, England
To Ray Jones of Sandy - entry 3267 of 27 March. If you contact the Administrator for my details, I can help you with Hitchin.(My uncle was at Hitchin South.)
3278 1237 09/5/13 - Pete Frost, Corfe Castle, England
Pioneer member of The Swanage Railway. As one of the team who built the New Corfe Castle signal box I would like to pay tribute to my collegue Pete Ball who sadly passed away last year. He made a magnificently skillful contribution and lasting legacey. The award winning Corfe Box will be connected to the New Basingstoke Signalling Centre later this year.
Hello, Started with BR in 1966 as box lad at Tapton Jct later Horns Bridge. Signalman in Shirebrook and Sheffield area. Now with Network Rail at York on Signalling Design. Anybody out there remember me? Great site to visit.
3276 1450 08/5/13 - John McCulloch, Grantown-on-Spey, United Kingdom
As a trainee signalman, just started May 2013, was researching signalling on the Internet and found this amazing site. ( Heritage Railway - Strathspey Steam Railway ) Boxes been in since 2013 - Aviemore, Boat of Garten (main) and Boat of Garten (auxiliary) Keep up the good work. John
3275 1640 28/4/13 - stuart magnus, Broadstone, England
Very useful site for the beginner. I have just volunteered for the Swanage Railway and would like to train as a signalman. Thanks for all the info!
3274 1033 28/4/13 - Mark Nettleton, Sydney, Australia
Excellent website. Plenty of great info. Thank you.
3273 1743 27/4/13 - mark kirk, SANDIACRE, nottingham
Great site wish signalling was still like this today.
3272 0002 25/4/13 - Bob Watt, Glasgow, Scotland
I have to admit to calling here previously and not signing the Book but there - I'm doing it now. What a wonderful surprise it was to come across this facility! Right - I'm away back to get the pricker on that fire!
3271 0806 23/4/13 - Prakash Veeranki, Hyderabad, India
nice useful information
3270 0711 14/4/13 - Jeffrey Fong, Melbourne, Australia
Very informative an interesting site.
3269 1908 11/4/13 - Doug Nuckley, Basildon, Essex
As an ex signalman (LT&S '86) I find this a really good site, so informative and interesting. I'll be back!
3268 2351 09/4/13 - Hadrian Evans, Kelowna (B.C), Canada
My second visit. Enjoyable and informative
3267 1646 27/3/13 - Ray Jones, Sandy, Beds, UK
I was a telegraph lad between 62/73.Signalman at Cadwell (Hitchin) and Hitchin Yard S/Box. I would love any photos of Hitchin Yard Box
3266 2207 25/3/13 - roy blackshire, hatfield, hertfordshire
iv got a few photos of signalboxes which i took in the 80s will post when get scanner ps what a great site
3265 1959 21/3/13 - John Collins, Harpenden, UK
What a cracker of a website! I envisage spending many hours here. Absolutely fascinating.
3264 1323 18/3/13 - John Craig, Woking, Surrey
Just discovered this site and am looking forward to many more visits now. It looks as if just about everything is there!
3263 2023 09/3/13 - John Durgan, Panama City, US
This has been very instructive. I have had to print out several pages. I "might" be able to survive the switchbox simulation software I just downloaded given practice. John D
3261 1233 09/3/13 - Steve King, SURBITON, Surrey
A great site. I have to confess that as a booking clerk at Ware in the mid 60s I was often invited to the box for a cuppa by one of the signal men - Jack Ingamells. In time I started to signal trains through but was caught out twice. Once when I was helping to clean the levers and set a detonator on the track as a class 15 or 16 went through on a parcels followed by much embarrassment and shouted exchanges with the driver. The other occasion was when I stood ready at the large window to raise the barriers after the passage of an EMU only to spy (and be seen by) the district inspector in the cab. Happy days none the less.
3258 2127 26/2/13 - Keith Bolton, Braintree
Very interesting site, from an old Signalman/Motorman LUR.

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