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3356 1928 19/11/14 - Steve scharmann, Horsham , England
Love the website. Very informative.
3355 1634 12/11/14 - Brian Richards, westcliff on Sea, Essex
Excellent website with very useful info.
3354 2301 10/11/14 - Jeff Hall, Smethwick, UK
Any one from Birmingham to Wolverhampton in the 60s. I was a signalman at Soho Station. then moved to Wolverhampton nos 1 and 4
3353 1107 07/11/14 - Andy Hides, Grantham
Thought it was time i paid a visit to sign the TRB again.
3352 1028 27/10/14 - Robert Purcell, kippa-ring, Australia
Nice sight, very informative..I am building my own 400mm gauge railway and I think I will have to include some semaphore signals..Thanks!
3351 1212 23/10/14 - John Waldron-Kelly, Llantwit Major, United Kingdom
Great site.
3350 1423 19/10/14 - Ken Torkington, Abergavenny, Wales
Brilliant Site Thank You. The more of my questions answered - the more I seem to have. Could never have imagined becoming an anorak - but it really is fun !! Ken
3349 1603 20/9/14 - Russell Hodgkin, Langley, BC, Canada
I am thrilled to have found this site. I had a Hornby clockwork train as a boy and recently I have purchased a great deal more to build a room sized layout. Signals have been the last of my purchases and now I will know how to best place what I have bought. Exploring these pages has been grand!!
3347 1218 29/8/14 - Ashley Anne Hill, Bolton, UK
Fascinating! Oodles of information. Have developed a strong urge to build a model railway. It beats knitting :-)
3346 0536 21/8/14 - Stephen Millard, Truro, Cornwall
Whilst training to be a signalman on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway I found The Signal Box a valuable resource which I consulted time and time again in the course of my studies. Now I visit for the sheer pleasure.
3345 1957 27/7/14 - Michael G. Venaccio, Grand Forks, ND, USA
Outstanding information and site! A long time train buff, I now have an idea as to what "Home" "Distant" and other signaling terminology means. I can better understand the various books I have read on British Rail history and incidents. Thanks for keeping this up.
3342 1440 05/7/14 - Colin Mckinnell, Pitlochry, UK
current signaller on the highland main line, great sight keeps me up to date on box closures :( keep up the good work
3341 1813 30/6/14 - Martin Withers, PETERBOROUGH, Cambs
Great site brings back many happy memories of waiting in signal boxes for freight trains when a freight guard at Whitemoor
3340 2102 24/6/14 - Michael Smith , Kapiti , New Zealand
I am a huge railway enthusiast and I love this website.
3339 2258 16/6/14 - Paul Hepworth, York, England
The National Railway Museum is hosting a number of signalling related events ongoing till June 22nd, as part of York's "Festival of Ideas". Check the internal link to the Festival on the main NRM website.Includes visits to the interior of Borough Market Junction SB, now undergoing restoration.
3338 1250 12/6/14 - William Pennington, Glossop, United Kingdom
Needed information with reference to MAS/Semaphore signalling practice with reference to a new 'OO' gauge layout currently being designed. WIlkl send you a copy of the diagram when complete to a standard to which I am happy.
3337 2147 08/6/14 - Phil shepherd, Buckley , N wales
All the best to all x sman great site
3336 1854 03/6/14 - John Hayes, ELLAND, WEST YORKSHIRE
Very interesting site. I will be back again on a regular basis. John
3335 1156 27/4/14 - Paul Saxby, West Moors, England
Just returned from short break at Folkestone and was interested in the Harbour railway (went on it as teenager in 1968 going to France) Pity it derelict now.
3334 2041 22/4/14 - Mark Cleave, Wirral, UK
Interesting site whilst looking for assistance to help identify a family photo. Think he worked for RSC eventually. Photo was taken by someone in Port Talbot of a gang who had just completed a new box on an existing line I would guess.
3333 2310 15/4/14 - Peter Walcott, London, UK
Hello peter I sat on an SMTH course with you many moons ago at Ilford training school. Stratford Signal Works Very interesting reading,keep up the good work.
3332 2028 06/4/14 - Mr D E Witts, Peterhead
While I was learning my "Rules" in the 60s I was in Joppa Signal-box Edinburgh and we used to signal a 6-7. That was the code for the dreaded Roadrailer which used to break in two on its way South.
3331 1220 06/4/14 - colin d. easson, king's lynn, england
great information to complete my designs of the wolverhampton highlevel LMS signal boxes. couldn't find any track plans for the high and low level stations at wolverhampton though. pity that.
3330 1352 28/3/14 - Ken Torkington, Abergavenny, Wales
Thoroughly interesting and helpful. I wanted a beginners guide to the mystery of signalling and got one in spades - Excellent. Thank You
3329 0220 25/3/14 - Michael Nunn, Lancaster, UK
It's wonderful to keep coming back here over the years, and not only nostalging, but keeping up with current developments. Long may this exclusive 'train porn' site flourish!
3328 1639 22/3/14 - Ryan H, North-East England
First visit to the site but will be back, never too much info as an amateur signalman myself on a heritage line! Thanks, Ryan.
3327 1008 21/3/14 - Shridhar Deshpande, Pune, India
Useful & very much interesting information! Thanks.
3326 1928 11/3/14 - Bernard Fisher, Rossendale , England
Use much information from this sight for sig training on the E.L. R.
3325 1835 27/2/14 - Jerry Panter, North Walsham, Norfolk
A very interesting website that brings back some fond memories.
3324 2019 11/2/14 - Melvyn mobbs, harwich, united kingdom
This site is the greatest thing since bacon and eggs on a shovel, and a Billy of tea. I find it hugely useful and very entertaining, thank you.
3323 0339 20/1/14 - Neville Parry, Beaver, PA, USA
Previous visitor, but not recently. I am newly retired and emigrated from Liverpool 30+ years ago, and am lucky to have a 24' x 24' basement in which to build a OO model of the Mold & Denbigh Junction Railway, but am doing it as 'single track' as it should have been. The traffic never justified a double track line! Anyway, I want to include full signaling, even if substituting colour lights for semaphores in places.
3322 1308 12/1/14 - Malcolm Dunstall, Folkestone, Kent, England
Great site! I shall probably be back for more information. I am actually a GWR enthusiast and modeller in spite of my home address, and am associated with a joint OO gauge line GWR/LNWR.
3321 1716 10/1/14 - Ian Norton, Cwmllynfell
Great site! Fascinating subject! Come on over to see us at - we're on the same track :-)
3320 0743 08/1/14 - William Wade, Gisors, France
A great site of a fascinating subject. Thank you for sharing it.
3319 2228 06/1/14 - Peter Lorenzo, Chertsey, Surrey, England
3318 1038 01/1/14 - Richard Dempsey, Mallow, Co.Cork Eire
This is a great site as a retired railway worker I will be back again keep up the good work
3317 2209 29/12/13 - Dave Collins, Gillingham, Kent, England
Great site! Good pictures of Oxted signal box, (CCM)where I worked from 1970 - 1974. Still vividly remember the layout there. In those days we still used every single lever in the box on weekdays, including the crossovers at both ends for a class 33 running round its passenger train. We had a calling on signal, an intermediate block section, quite an interesting box to work.
3316 1705 27/12/13 - Kevin Downham, Rugby, UK
Excellent site - interesting to look at home sites such as Bentham, Ladies Walk and Wennington.
3315 1519 23/12/13 - Simon, George, West Yorkshire
Be very grateful if someone could help with a track diagram/layout of Heaton Lodge Junction near Mirfield in 1980 -1986? Am building an 'O' gauge scale model.Thanks again
3314 1413 21/12/13 - Stuart Magnus, Broadstone, Dorset
I am training to be a signalman on Swanage Railway. I have finished the training school & exams and am now doing practical work at Harmans Cross. I have found the website to be very helpful!
3313 2000 15/12/13 - Boris Durham, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Signed the book dozens of times even though in most cases the signalmen didn't want me to.
3312 1547 11/12/13 - allen groves, benfleet, essex
brings back good memories of when a signalman on lts at ockendon then rainham in the 70s
3311 2030 05/12/13 - Mike Harwood, Bodrum, Turkey
Splendid informative site! Am currently building 1:148 model of Stamford (Lincs) West Station and was seeking correct signalling features. My thanks.
3310 2138 21/11/13 - David Fenner, Royston, UK
There seems to be a dearth of information about the Hitchin - Cambridge Line (ELR code SBR) with exceptions such as Royston. I am particularly looking for info or photos of Ashwell and Morden. Can anyone help? Please join our forum or use the Exchange Sidings section for help like this - John
3309 2045 16/11/13 - james neild, heywood, lancashire
first time user to the site, find it very interesting about all the information you have on the bromsgrove to blackwell line. just out of curiosity do you have or know any information on the "lickey signal" ive read in the british railways illustrated vol.14 no.7 april edition that the signal is a semi automatic and an intermediate block home. im just wondering if there's a photograph of it anywhere? thanks an you have a brilliant site. Please join our forum for answers to questions like these - John
3308 1944 05/11/13 - Harry W Shingleton, Alfreton, Derbyshire
I'm a frequent visitor to these pages. Great to see lots of new information being posted. A technical question to throw open; on the Buxton Junction plan there are what I think are double home signals on brackets on the approaches from Millers Dale Junction and High Peak Junction but no apparent junction. Why then the double signals?
Please join our forum for answers to questions like these - John

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