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3396 1522 05/8/15 - dennis bruce , bristol born, c c bristol
spent many happy years in east &west box @ bristol temple meads
3394 0512 04/8/15 - Bob Dews, huddersfield, hadyai, uk, thailand
As aa retired loco driver I find the information on the site extremely interesting and useful. In particular the signal track and signalling diagrams. I intend to build a model railway and hope to base this on real track layouts. I would also like to get hold of all the signal diagrams for huddersfield up 1968.
3389 1431 01/7/15 - Thomas Dabek, London, UK
Thanks for all the information on your website.
3388 1924 16/6/15 - John buchanan, Billericay
Just travelled on the preserved Furness Railway from Lakeside to Haverthwaite. Had to come here to find out about the slotted post starting signal still in use at Lakeside. Spotted a similar distant signal further up the line.
3387 1233 17/5/15 - Ivan Stewart, Leighton Buzzard, UK
Just popping by again to sign the book! Now in my 20th year on the railway with NR. Ex North London Line relief signaller and West Coast South in the Willesden area. Currently control based.
3386 0050 16/5/15 - Michael Fanthorpe, East Sussex
Very good site. Comprehensive and easy to navigate etc. You are very generous to allow items to be copied. I have printed off a track diagram for Warsop Junction as I have a box board which I am restoring. Thank you. Kind regards.
3385 1555 13/5/15 - matthijs boon, terwolde, netherlands (gelderland)
Love your website, very interesting! At the heritage railway were i am a volunteer, we are currently starting to make plans for creating a working block system with mainly siemens & halske equipement. If you like, i can send some pictures of it for your website when we have started with the project. Greets from holland
3384 2327 09/5/15 - Peter Stanbridge, Leighton Buzzard, England
Nice to back amongst friends.
3383 0231 09/5/15 - Michael Dexter, Howick, New Zealand
It is some time since I paid a visit but I do enjoy looking at all the signalling on show.
3382 2221 04/5/15 - Patrick Monaghan, Warkworth, New Zealand
Hi John, Change of email address to note Also Having a clean out and wonder if you would like me to sent it all to you(esp AWS St Pancras>Luton 14 sheets c1965) Regards Patrick
3381 2206 02/5/15 - Paulo Ferreira, Sines, Portugal
I was glad to be redirected again to this highly informative and clear site after I read all of it some years ago. Still most interesting! Good work. Hope the line will keep clear for many more years ahead.
3380 1954 30/4/15 - RA
hello the signal box
3379 1425 29/3/15 - Trevor Rumgay, Wells, Somerset
Rule-Line-Name-Time, how often I remember signing the train register in signal boxes as a engine fireman carrying out rule 55 in the early 1960s when at 71a Eastleigh. Great site well done
3378 0134 15/3/15 - Steven Robertson, Brisbane, Australia
I am a retired QR Signalman and avid railways enthusiast and I happen to own a 7-1/4 inch gauge Black Five.
3377 1954 14/3/15 - Craig Ingham, Gilbertsville, PA, USA
The Reading Society of Model Engineers has a Hall "Banjo" signal, probably used on the Reading Co., and we are looking for information that may be available. The purpose of this request is to get it operational for display. Please contact me. Thank you
3376 2339 02/3/15 - Kevin.L.P.Atkinson, Geelong, Australia
Great Site very informative and interesting.I am building an O Gauge 143.5 scale Model of Dunster Signal Box and after exteriour and interiour information and your site has been very helpful.Thank you,Kevin.L.P.Atkinson Ex Victorian & V/Line Driver Class 2/Rock Bassist/Writer.
3375 1515 23/2/15 - Philip baldwin, norwich, norfolk
Returned to site once again,for another fix of nostalgia,memories of the good old days. Ex rlf SIG norwich.
3374 2218 22/2/15 - Robert Guilford, Southampton, England
Very interesting site and very accessible.
3373 1815 06/2/15 - David Murray, Chesterfield, UK
Great site with fantastic information.
Great site followed for last few years. I was Signalman in Sussex 1965-72 and in Leicester 1972-2008 anyone interested in these periods I would be glad to hear from you.
3369 1226 11/1/15 - Jeremy Holland, Okehampton
A highly informative and well organised site. Fascinating. Thanks.
3368 1122 11/1/15 - Tristan Lockheart, London, England
A brilliant website, the page about block signalling was brilliant!
3365 1345 05/1/15 - Ben Sanders, Kettering
I found this site very interesting and informative especially the diagrams of the track and signals.
3364 0649 05/1/15 - SAXENA, AGRA, , INDIA
Presently I am working with the most prestigious and modern and latest entrant in Metros, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, as Manager Signalling. The information shared through this page and site is invaluable. Good work and equally good tradition of signing the train register. Keep it up!!
3363 2049 01/1/15 - Dafydd Whyles, Gainsborough, Lincs
Just popped in to sign the book. Still at Gainsborough Trent Jc, but due to close in 2016. After that, who knows...? Keep up the good work
3362 1731 24/12/14 - Keith Grafton, Hornchurch, Essex
A great site and very useful for tracking signal box closure dates in my quest to photograph them before it happens!
3361 1239 17/12/14 - Doug Morgan, Fleet, Hants
Had to come back to the site to find out about possibly unique signals on the UP? (to Bgham) line at Droitwich Spa where I had to change trains en route from Great Malvern to Kidderminster. Any like them elsewhere?
3360 1533 13/12/14 - Ian Edinborough, Southampton
Excellent site it will be very useful for getting the signalling and point work correct on my model railway.
3359 1321 11/12/14 - Mark Dewell
An excellent website (which I have now added to the Websites database on my own Uk & Ireland Heritage Railways website).
3358 1036 11/12/14 - Terry Kight, Nottingham
Most useful site, use it when I am stuck for an answer
3356 1928 19/11/14 - Steve scharmann, Horsham , England
Love the website. Very informative.
3355 1634 12/11/14 - Brian Richards, westcliff on Sea, Essex
Excellent website with very useful info.
3354 2301 10/11/14 - Jeff Hall, Smethwick, UK
Any one from Birmingham to Wolverhampton in the 60s. I was a signalman at Soho Station. then moved to Wolverhampton nos 1 and 4
3353 1107 07/11/14 - Andy Hides, Grantham
Thought it was time i paid a visit to sign the TRB again.
3352 1028 27/10/14 - Robert Purcell, kippa-ring, Australia
Nice sight, very informative..I am building my own 400mm gauge railway and I think I will have to include some semaphore signals..Thanks!
3351 1212 23/10/14 - John Waldron-Kelly, Llantwit Major, United Kingdom
Great site.
3350 1423 19/10/14 - Ken Torkington, Abergavenny, Wales
Brilliant Site Thank You. The more of my questions answered - the more I seem to have. Could never have imagined becoming an anorak - but it really is fun !! Ken
3349 1603 20/9/14 - Russell Hodgkin, Langley, BC, Canada
I am thrilled to have found this site. I had a Hornby clockwork train as a boy and recently I have purchased a great deal more to build a room sized layout. Signals have been the last of my purchases and now I will know how to best place what I have bought. Exploring these pages has been grand!!

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