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3454 1532 31/8/16 - Mike Lewis, Irchester, England
stumbled across your website searching for info on GCR and was pleased to see the name Chris Bellett as a main contributor. I have happy memories of working with Chris at Waterloo.
3453 0720 12/7/16 - graham mullis, manchester, uk
revisiting the site and it is as good as ever. used to be a signaller years ago on BR Southern. Started at Godstone and ended at Waterloo. Does anybody remember Frank Pacey who used to be the signals instructor on SR. I am hoping he is still with us, he used to be Station Master at Appledore also
3452 1245 09/7/16 - Jon Warburton, London, United Kingdom
Very useful website when trying to create signalling systems
3451 1147 09/7/16 - John Pritchard, Basingstoke, UK
This is a well-organised and fascinating site which I found very helpful when researching my Doctor Who audiobook story The Mouthless Dead (a signalbox-based ghost story) which has just been released by Big Finish Productions. Many thanks!
3450 1534 30/6/16 - Gary Collins, Cavan, Ireland
Fantastic and interesting site. Very informative. First stop for any info signal related.
3449 0644 30/6/16 - Frank Douglas, Selby, North Yorkshire
I was the Signalman at the Keady Power Signalbox on The East Coast Mainline, I was 19 at the time in 1970 when it was demolished by a Freight Train which had a hot box and the Bogie Bolster left the rails at the points into Keady Power Station and went straight through the Signalbox completely demolishing it.The Signalbox was only a two Shift Box 6 am to 13:00 and 13:00 to 21:16 for coal into the Power Station.The Signalbox had been shut at approximately 21:20 and the train went through the Signalbox not long after, Luckily no one was injured.The thing is I cannot find any reports anywhere about this accident, Could anyone help me with this please I would be grateful.
3448 1354 16/6/16 - Christopher Bligh, Plymouth, Devon
Very good site. Looking for information on permissive working
3447 2154 04/6/16 - Tyler Brace, Peterborough, United Kingdom
Great site you have here and very informative for people like me who want to learn the old signalling ways. Thanks!
3446 1858 04/6/16 - David Lewis, Dartford, United Kingdom
Love this website. I am a signalman who started his journey at Neasden Junction - a 19th Century Midland-style mechanical lever-frame (yes, still all mechanical!) I am now based at Feltham Area Signalling Centre and actually getting to use my rulebooks!
3445 1524 19/5/16 - Tim Stubbs, Paignton, England
Fabulous site. As an aspiring signalman, it will be a great help. Full of detail.
3444 1809 11/5/16 - Gabriel Phillips, Forest Row
Fantastic website, incredible detail. Thank you very much!
3442 0809 10/5/16 - Tenbrae, Preston, Uk
This site is a wonderful resource . I was looking for information on the L and Y Rly and signals , great resource
3441 2206 09/5/16 - Michael Bailey, Blessington, Ireland
Thanks for this great web site. I have always loved railways, my father had a attic full of model railway regrettably I cannot do the same.
3440 2313 28/4/16 - Tony Thompson, Torquay, Devon, UK.
I found this site by chance,and find it to be very interesting,brings back many memories. Well and truly retired, ex driver:Agecroft, Patricroft & Crewe.
3439 0035 27/4/16 - Barry Keens, East Bridgford, UK
Love visiting here. First visit to a Signal Box was in 1951 at Chelmscote Bridge. Now at the age of 75 I have not lost my enthusiasm of visiting Signal Boxes, having returned to the UK 5 years ago. I am a member of SRS and would welcome visitors to my Email address.
3438 2248 25/4/16 - ROMAN PEACEY
Very interesting site and very informative I will be back to look in more detail as there is a lot to take in at once.
3437 2136 19/4/16 - Steve Budd, harlow, essex
Really enjoyed the some of the info on some of the signalboxes on the hertford east branch I visited many of them during the 80s, and have some fond memories of wormley signal box visits at this time as well.
3436 1550 19/4/16 - David Rounce, Project Manager, Ravenglass Railway Museum, England
Thanks, a very useful resource which is helping us overhaul the interpretation of the Ravenglass signal box.
3435 2026 17/4/16 - Henry Hearle, Annalong, Northern Ireland
Great, very informative site! I came here looking for information regarding the placement of signals for my model (loosely based around Paisley/Glasgow in 1:450 T Gauge).
3434 1607 15/4/16 - Eric Pace, Derby, United Kingdom
As a railway signalling ledgend I find this site rather interesting
3433 0919 14/4/16 - Barry Connor, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
been interested in the working of signals for many years.
3432 1519 11/4/16 - Brian Perrie, Muir of Ord, Ross-shire
I spent twenty years as a signalman on BR in and around Dundee during the 80`s and 90`s. I have spent the last twenty years as Stationmaster at Dingwall Railway Station in the north of Scotland.
3430 0954 04/4/16 - Alastair Carr, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, UK
Signalling Designer at Mott MacDonald
3429 2344 26/3/16 - Alan Spencer, Derby, UK
Started at Bromsgrove, as an Engine Cleaner 25.02.1963 (53 years ago), I am still employed in the Railway Industry, as A Controller, having spent 30+ years from Fireman, Driver and Driver Manager, moving on after Retiring in 2003 to Controller for various Companies, now with DC Rail.
3428 1045 11/3/16 - JOHN JACKSON, BRISTOL
Hello I have work on the railway for 40 years as a Guard at Barry and Bristol Bath road and Temple Meads,so i have signed a few signal box books. this is a good site i like it. JPJACKSON
3427 1159 07/3/16 - Mike Attrill, Aldershot, Hants
Visited Romsey Signal Box over weekend- very good explanation of how Cooke & Wheatstone System system operated. Followed up interest by finding this site. My father was a BR Signalman 1949- 1975
3426 1455 06/3/16 - william french, banbury, oxon
VERY enjoyable read and have applied for membership 6 mar 2016
3425 1119 06/3/16 - Phil Kenny, Barrow-in-Furness
Great information I will be visiting this site often
3424 1941 03/3/16 - Gary Dimmock, Paignton , UK
Thanks for "the knowledge " on signalling. A great resource for anybody researching this subject.
3423 1922 28/2/16 - Frank White, Manchester, UK
my first visit was 12/11/11 and consult this work frequently. I still find this the most informative work on uk railway practice in the internet. Excellent reading
3422 1012 27/2/16 - Alan Deamer, Blackpool, Lancashire
What a great sight, so much information in an easy to understand format. Only a very brief visit, but I shall return soon when I can spend plenty more time having a good look round. Well done. Thank you.
3421 2234 26/2/16 - Reverend David Croucher, Blue Anchor / Minehead, Somerset
In Training with WSR , and this site is great for reading and revision . Many thanks
3420 1928 08/2/16 - jon gardner, didcot, england
Great site, as a complete novice, regarding railways, I have learned more in the first look at the site, and will keep coming back. I am planning a model railway based on Didcot station, including the DNS railway,and when finished, if it is before I pop my cloggs, will give it to Didcot railway centre.
3419 1125 27/1/16 - dennisbruce, ringwood , hants
anybody out thereknows a MR Alex seal or alextrack exsignaler from bristol tm and thanks
3418 1412 24/1/16 - Paul Hirst, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Crossing Keeper soon to be entering Signalling School. Found this site to be very helpful and informative especialy the signal section. Great fun too Loved It and will use often
3417 2256 19/1/16 - Gordon Woods, Shrewsbury, U.K.
Great resource for the railway modeller looking for junction details and proper signalling. Thank you.
3416 2155 19/1/16 - Barrie Papworth, Sidmouth
Excellent site came across it while trying to find out why the back of semaphore signals are white with black lines. Anyone know?
3415 1449 13/1/16 - Ken Owen, Redhill
Fascinating site, prompted by research into remaining semaphores in London and learning more about signal boxes in home town of Redhill for U3A talks
3414 1701 12/1/16 - Helen McBride
Great Site, all the info in one place, easy to use.
3413 1119 10/1/16 - Alistair Fyffe
Great Site - I will be a regular visitor in the future...
3412 0840 10/1/16 - Dave Hill, Porthmadog, Wales
General interest in signalling, but I am specifically looking at constructing an interactive signal exhibit. I have a track layout diagram for Porthmadog, dated 1985, but I want to go back a few years to when the Beddgelert sidings were in operation. My first thought was to use miniature power levers, but I am starting to think that they are very rare. The display side will either be a digital animation of, or a signal box track layout diagram.
3411 1700 09/1/16 - Paul Hepworth, York, UK
Just downloaded a free simulation of the FR/WHR signalling at Porthmadoc station. The website app seems to be android, but the reviews list options for MAC, 32 and 64 bit Windows. Even have to click on the token and train staffs to deliver/return.
3410 1702 06/1/16 - David Croucher, Minehead, UK
Will be back !
3409 2227 02/1/16 - Daniel Walker, Appleby-in-Westmorland, England
Soon to be a trainee bobby at a preserved line!
3408 1241 02/1/16 - Patrick Nairne, Tonbridge, England
Wonderful site and reference source. I am now a passed signalman at Wittersham Road on the Kent and East Sussex Railway and am always learning! Happy New Year to you all.
3407 2149 30/12/15 - bob Puffett, Morecambe
Good site, useful information for a complete novice
3406 0044 17/12/15 - Graham Clarke, Ipswich, U.K.
A wonderful site ... I respect your energy and devotion ... thank you and may I wish you a very merry Christmas and all good things in 2016 ... Graham

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