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350 1946 11/7/99 - John Spicer, Lockerley, Hants
Stumbled across your site when I was looking to find out a little about signalling. I learned a lot. Including the existance of a preserved signal box in Romsey, which had an open day yesterday. They were delighted to hear that they were referenced on your web site, so keep up the good work.
349 1944 4/7/99 - John White, Lancaster, Lancs
Ex Locking Frame Tester who keeps his hand in on the East Lancs.
348 1322 4/7/99 - Simon Morris, Cwmbran, Gwent
An excellent and informative site. I particularly enjoyed Alan Jones article on the Cambrian RETB system. When I lived in Newtown I regularly travelled on these lines and often wondered how the new signalling worked. A much appreciated article!
347 2348 1/7/99 - Richard Pulleyn, Otley, Yorks
Excellent! Keep up the good work
346 2044 29/6/99 - Steven Marney, Carlisle - Email:
Great to see lots of historical information regarding an occupation (lifestyle even) that it is my great fortune to be entering. I'm currently at signalling school and will - if everything goes ok - be unleashed on the Settle to Carlisle line in the near future, more than likely in an 100 year old box working A.B. as generations before me have done.
345 1302 29/6/99 - Kenneth R. Date, Sydney, Australia
Nice to see such an esoteric subject is getting the exposure it so thoroughly deserves! I will be back later with more to say after I have had a chance to study your inclusions.
344 2020 28/6/99 - Ian Carswell
Good enough to get a bookmark !
343 1916 28/6/99 - Dave Davidson, Doncaster, Yorks
An excellent website. Having spent 13 years as a signalman on the WR (Acton West, Acton East, Slough PSB & Reading PSB, then the next 4 years @ Gloucester as the PSB Supervisor, Area Movements Inspector & finishing up as the Senior Movements Inspector for Midland X Country, its good to know there somwehere where I can keep my hand in. (always remembering to take off your wristwatch when pulling levers !!!)
342 2142 27/6/99 - Roger Higson, Walkden, Manchester
341 1535 27/6/99 - Charles Roberts, Harpenden, Herts
Like my co-signalmen at the Bluebell I think you have a great site.
340 1142 27/6/99 - John Percival, Irchester, Northants
339 0036 22/6/99 - Malcolm Salmon, Rivenhall, Essex
S and T Manager. East Anglian Railway Museum.
338 1948 21/6/99 - David A Yorke, Manchester
At last I've found some signalling info on the net! Thanks.
337 1913 17/6/99 - Adrian Lee, Worthing, West Sussex
I've come to your site via Richard Salmon's Bluebell Web Site. I'm a regular volunteer signalman at Bluebell, as well as midweek roster clerk (thankless task) and have nickname 'Paraffin Pete' -guess what other regular task has been for some 10 years. Now I've got your site in my links will visit again. Keep it up. 7-5-5
336 0106 15/6/99 - Bruce Melville, Melbourne, Australia
I thoroughly enjoyed your site.
335 1847 14/6/99 - Andrew M. Dunn, Bolton, Ontario, Canada
(Ass't Superintendent, South Simcoe Rwy) Great site! My connection with British railways, while distant, is still a strong interest, and as a communications engineer, seeing how other railways set up their signalling systems is fascinating. It's always neat to see two different railways solve the same problem in two completely different ways!
334 2037 13/6/99 - Chris Colvin, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada - Email:
Have just found your site and straight away it looks very interesting. I am putting together information on the railways through Louth Lincolnshire. Apart from Alf Ludlam's excellent books does anyone have information/pictures on the station area and the bridges immediately south of the station? Many thanks
333 1613 13/6/99 - David Pratt, Orpington, Kent
What a wonderful site, plenty for me to read offline later, all the best.
332 1949 12/6/99 - Cor de Jong, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Great site very interesting and informative. I have a great interest in signaling. Just finished my GWR 7mm branchline railway. Controlled by home build GWR signals from kits and a mechanical interlocking frame of my own design controlled by 28 levers. I like to operate modelrailways with a working signalsystem.
331 0717 12/6/99 - John Roberts, Wellington, New Zealand
Thanks for an interesting site. It took me back to the late 1940s when I used to spend many lazy happy hours lounging (probably illegally) on the grassy banks of a railway cutting just south of Leicester Midland. There was a signal box in the cutting (Maybe titled Freemans Common?) where the Burton Line left the Main and I can still hear the intermittent ting-ting-ting of the signal box bells and the heave and twang of the signal wires as another train was pegged and then double pegged. Happy days!!
330 1439 11/6/99 - Gary Hawes, Bedford, Beds
Just looking to see if there is any infomation about any steam trains running. There was a steam train {double head} pacific going on the Bedford to Bletchley line. It was a traditional main line steam[4-6-2]
329 0924 9/6/99 - Stephen Hall, Redhill, Surrey
As a signalman on the Bluebell Railway I found this site very interesting and useful when revising for my Rules Re-test!
328 2011 7/6/99 - John Sparkman, Cape Town, South Africa
An excellent description of B R signalling . It has been most informative in allowing me to understand the logic and protocols of the various signals and usages. Thanks
327 1729 6/6/99 - Charles F. Tallis, Hemsworth, West Yorks
I joined British Railways in 1961 as a Train Recorder at the huge Marshalling yards at Carlton. I worked as a TR in Cudworth Station Box and Carlton Main Box. I became a Signalman at 18. My first box was on the H&B at Brierley Jct, then onto the Midland Main Line at Houghton Main and finished at Royston Station. I left the Railway in 1969. I am now a Volunteer Signalman on the East Lancs Railway. This is a Great Site for us Signalling nuts. I shall keep returning.
326 1131 6/6/99 - Colin Benbow, Hawley Beach, Tasmania, Australia
Ex pom who likes playing trains
325 1402 4/6/99 - Richard Standing, Reading, Berks
V. interesting, especially the photo of Aberystwyth box. I'm thinking of making a model of part of Aber, but all my other photos of the box are obscured by trains!
324 1954 3/6/99 - Wally Sansome, Victoria, B.C., Canada
Nice to see some of the old boxes again, I used to operate the Kirby Muxloe box in Leicester, 1950, what a change now, the line is still there but the box has long gone. You have really done a good job. Thankyou for the memories. Wally
323 2110 2/6/99 - Dave Jones, Rhyl, Denbighshire
322 2156 30/5/99 - Dennis Lister, Grimsby, Lincs
Just discovered your site whilst searching for info on Exeter West. Looking forward to a good browse when I have a bit more time - it all looks quite absorbing but then I'm a signalling nut!
321 1044 30/5/99 - Mike Shaw, Lichfield, Staffs
Having worked through the signalling grades since the late '50s my interest in all things 'signalling' will make me a regular visitor.
320 2322 24/5/99 - A Bell
319 1407 24/5/99 - Richard Willis, Ducklington, Witney, Oxon.
A very interesting and informative site for a newcomer to signalling - I would welcome more info on subjects such as calling-on etc.
318 0012 24/5/99 - Pete Champion, Victorville, CA, USA
As an ex steam days Fireman I've done 55 afew times. Great site I'll be back.
317 0506 23/5/99 - Glen, Spreyton, Devonport, Tasmania - Email:
Can any body assist with the answer to the following question - In the book series "Trains in Trouble" vol 1 by Arthur Trevena a photograph is shown of a 2-4-0 French locomotive & tender marked no 721 - ouest at Le Gare Montparnasse that had 'vacated the premises' through the wall. Can anybody give details, time date etc covering this event? Still enjoy the section about the signals and boxes. Over to you fellow buffs! for help on the above.
316 1704 22/5/99 - David Boarder, Aneby, Jönköping s Län, Sweden
Good site !!!!!!!
315 2329 19/5/99 - Sandro Caruso, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Just looking
314 2315 18/5/99 - John Campbell, Kilwinning, Scotland
Was a signalman 1968-1971 Busby Junction Castlecary Lower Cumbernauld which closed last week
313 2222 18/5/99 - Robert John McKean, Newport, Gwent
My friend recommended this site to me, I find it very useful, and I enjoyed lurking through all the pages.
312 2144 17/5/99 - Dave Brown, Rainham, Kent
Great site
311 2324 16/5/99 - Xenophon Christodoulou, Beckenham, Kent
Excellent site, Well Done! I shall be a regular visitor!
310 1850 13/5/99 - Russell Tyler, Hemel Hempstead, Herts
I am an A-Level student doing a case study about how society has improved the safety of signal boxes and signalling systems. This site is extremely useful and has bucket loads of info. Thanks a lot
309 2039 12/5/99 - Ben Adlington, Boston, Lincs
Very pleasing to see a picture of High Ferry SB before they boarded it up.
308 0505 11/5/99 - Harvey Jackson, Blackpool, Lancs
Found your site by a roundabout route. Looks interesting so I'll be back. I mainly collect railwayana now cos all the steam locos have gone and whats worse the atmosphere. Oh! How as a 14year old spotter after school and checking what was on the two Blackpool MPD's I would catch a Tram to Fleetwood. After doing the shed I used to love to sit in the cab of a simmering 'Crab' inthe back of Fleetwood Shed 24F, smoking a Players Weight or a Cadet cigarette, savouring all the smells of burning coal, steam and hot oil. Whilst at the front of the shed the few railwaymen (friendly to spotters) would be preparing unrebuilt 'Patriot' E. Tootal Broadhurst for the evening fish train to London. Then perhaps I'll have a dig into my duffle bag for one of my now soggy tomato and cheese sandwiches (made by Mum) or a drink of flat 'Tizer' before watching the fish train depart and catching a Tram home!! And think of going to Preston on Saturday for the Main Line stuff. GREAT.
307 1937 8/5/99 - Robert Mayes, Crawley, West Sussex
I much enjoy lurking
306 1645 8/5/99 - Iain Sheppard, Colchester, Essex
Excellent website, very informative and interesting. Keep up the good work. How about some online simulators ie. signalling some simple > more advanced layouts?
305 1453 18/5/99 - Chris Hunt, Wembley
As an ex part time signalman for the North Thames Railway, I thought that the Wealdstone & District may have kept me in employment when I was made redundant at the closure of the railway. If there are any jobs going with the Wealdstone & District you can contact me on my e-mail address. A useful and interesting web site.....
304 0935 6/5/99 - Andy Cakebread, London
Picked up the token from uk-railway, then spent quite a while in this box. Will be back for sure.
303 2318 5/5/99 - John Shelley, Harrow, Middx
302 1858 5/5/99 - Martin Duff, Truro - Email:
Excellent site you have here. I am a signalman on the West Somerset Railway and have a strong interest in semaphore signalling - particularly the GW/BR(W) lower quadrant variety. If there is anyone who wants to know more about the WSR signalling, e-mail me at work.
301 0458 3/5/99 - Richard Courage, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Excellent site - ex BR person myself -have also spent many hours in signal boxes on the Southern in the early seventies. Not officially of course!

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